Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Metabolism Summary - I

I thought I would post a summary of the important learning points so far:
  • You exist in consciousness at all times, you experience your consciousness of the world not the world itself.  You do not look through your eyes, you look at your eyes from somewhere inside your mind.
  • This consciousness has a fourfold structure - 1) the consciousness of your physical body itself and its 'insides', 2) the consciousness of your physical limits (or reach), 3) the consciousness of your perception (and its limits) and 4) the consciousness of consciousness itself which encloses the other structures
  • This consciousness undergoes a series of processes as it digests time in the form of moments - the moment must emerge from a future*, be reduced into perception, be percieved, interpreted, reflected upon, responded to, and ultimately feed back into the current of time itself by altering the next moment - alongside this information must be retrieved from and replaced back into the memory in order to effectively deal with the moment at hand.
  • The qabalistic Tree of Life can be used to map this conciousness and its metabolism, both in the vertical ToL which overlays the body, and the horizontal ToL which overlays consciousness, leading to associations like -Yesod, the altered past, memory, genitals (as the store of genetic memory) or Kether, the altered future, the consciousness of consciousness and the pituitary gland.
*'Does the altered future (Kether**) exist in consciousness?' is a question which we will return to later in the course.  We certainly have an idea of the future in our consciousness, and our consciousness is also capable of predicting that future and is endeavouring to anticipate it at all times.

**Isaac the Blind's alternative name for Kether was Machashavah - Thought.

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