Thursday, November 22, 2012

Metabolism V - Physiognomy (Thyroid)

One useful and applicable technique to be derived from the theories explored in the Metabolism of Time is physiognomy. 

The alchemical principle of 'as above, so below' ties together the world of genetics with the world of characters in society.

Meet Bobblepin the Treefrog - she was one of the characters I was introduced to in my vision of the Tree of Life as this double helical river that ran into the White Sea (my artist father made the images from my vision into these pictures at my direction). The information contained in this image is physiognomical - the character expresses both people who are more concentrated in 'experience of the moment', and by way of relation the thyroid/parathyroid gland as well and I'll just provide a few notes for this character to explain a little about how all of this works. 

The Frog character (remember the expression 'I have a frog in my throat'), by way of example as how this physiognomical system works, can easily be spotted by the eyes and size of the individual.  If the eyes of the individual are protruding, or sunken, this can be indicative of the various foms of thyroidism (it may not be a medical problem but is an insight into underlying genetic influence), if the individual's size reigns to extremes (and I don't mean fat storage as this is related to a different gland) then you have an insight into growth hormone which is produced in the thyroid as well.  The thyroid has a great effect on metabolism so you often see that these character's energy levels range to various extremes as well - typically if the eyes protrude the metabolism will be rapid and viceversa.  These types are normally visual artists (or enjoy images to a great degree) or travellers (tourism is a great way of stressing that 'experience of the moment', but also more local adventuring and 'missioning about' is observed - this desire to travel is what is partially symbolized by the woolly unicorn).  They often feel very different from other people (sometimes very much desiring to 'leave home') and this is why art is very attractive to them as it is a great way of expressing that level.  On a more esoteric level some of the best mediums and clairvoyants I have met have these physical attributes.

On a deeper level 'the experience of the moment', and the thyroid gland relate to the cytoplasm of the cell.  One of the functions of the parathyroid (attached to the thyroid) is the monitoring of calcium in the body (blood and cells) - as it detects low calcium it endeavours to increase the concentration of it.  Aside from the functions of calcium we are all aware of such as healthy bones* and teeth, etc, calcium mediates cell to cell signalling or communication - - so there is an intriguing correspondence between the location of the parathyroid near the vocal chords and the way in which the cells of your body literally talk to each other and also how these froggy/toady characters very much love to communicate.

The vision of the beings living along the Rivers of Time contains many such correspondences and one of the practical applications of this knowledge is our esoteric role as healers as it allows us to diagnose and suggest treatment**.

*The relatonship beween the bones and the parathyroid indicates another relationship, or expression of the relationship between Daath and Malkuth.

**I do not mean medical prescription - my main form of treatment is the use of logotherapy. :-)

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