Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Metabolism IV - As Above, So Below

During the day our consciousness lingers in certain stages of the various moments that pass through us  - we spend time dreaming of the future, engaged in the appreciation of an image, trying to forget, or tied up in the analysis of a particular problem.  We still experience each moment with the whole of our being, its just that the moment takes on a specific characteristic depending what it was doing.  The Metabolism of Time is continuous but at times there are moments that are difficult to digest.

Since the whole of society is digesting time - the people that make that society up come to epitomise certain stages within that metabolism.  Thus there are inventive futuristic people alongside the inventive futuristic moments of your life.  There are people caught in forever recounting their memories, others forgetting and losing them in the dance, others sifting through and dwelling on them - just as you recount, forget, and sift.   There are the critics of the moment, that deconstruct, that seek a different meaning through analysis of the parts, and there are the entertainers of that moment, the speakers, the doers that are caught in their reaction to it.

Just as you are made up of a society of differentiated cells that handle digestion, defence, storage, etc, so you in your turn are a cell in the larger human being of our species and you in your turn fulfil your role(s) in that society.  Each cell contains within its nucleus the seed of the greater being - all the information - so that whilst you are a part you are also the whole.  This extends through time.  Following the spine of your existence back through the ages, the information you carry once was frog, shark, coral, sponge.

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