Friday, November 30, 2012

Metabolism V - Physiognomy (Genitals)

Today we'll look at another character from the vision of the Rivers of Time (Tree of Life).  This image is the physiognomical image of the character which results from concentration in the genitals.  Again, I'll detail some of the features of this character and please feel free to ask any questions if you want me to be more specific.

This is the Many Mannered Mind Man - the helmet whose breathing tube reaches down into the depths of the White Sea (genetic soup) is reminiscent of both the ovaries and the testes.  People who overexpress sex hormone tend towards a focus on survival of the cell line or species as opposed to the individual ego.  They have high sex drive and often with some kind of strong fetish (high testosterone is linked with paraphilias) - this may be the simple urge to reproduce and a lot.  There is an interesting relationship between testosterone and breaking boundaries.  High testosterone levels generally lead to the shrinking of the frontal cortex and a lack of control over impulsive action - therefore people with high testosterone are more likely to be risk-taskers, aggressive and also buck the system.  The character lying in front of the Many Mannered Mind Man is called the Ignorant Fool and characterizes the opposite of testosterone, in this case serotonin which allows an individual to work within, as opposed to against, societal boundaries.

Psychologically, the Many Mannered Mind Man does not have a particularly defined identity - his lack of concrete ego tends to make him a versatile actor (or at least he will enjoy roleplaying in some form or another... it may be as simple as dressing up, or a propensity to adopt characters in order to make people laugh, cry, etc) - this has at its roots a desire to *adapt* to and take adavantage of his surroundings in order to ensure survival of the line, a chameleonic quality about them.  The association with the ID or R complex is abundantly clear (especially bearing in mind the lmiiting effect that high testosterone has on the frontal cortex, what we think of as our conscience or super ego).  Although the Many Mannered Mind Man is driven by the primal instinct this does not mean that they are not intelligent.

Physiognomically spotting pure high testosterone characters is fairly easy, like the frogs their features are revealing.  The standard receding hairline, hairy body, perhaps a low brow ridge are all good starting points for identification - although it is not always that clear.  These characters are not there to pigeon hole all individuals you meet but to guide you in zooming in on some of those features which may produce characteristics which you can deal with better if you know them in advance.  It may be that an individual is a cross-blend of types, that they have a strong Many Mannered Mind Man component and perhaps another character or two in the mix as well.  Typically though most Metabolisms of Time are distorted in some way.

Qabalistically the Many Mannered Mind Man relates to Yesod.  Yesod as the foundation and the memory is traditionally associated with the genitals.  Sexual reproduction is demonstrably the foundation of our species and the genetic soup that we are charged to transmit is the very stuff of memory - its code contains within all our instincts for life, and the memory of the many incarnations through mammal, lizard, frog that brought us here.


  1. And what about if the Many Mannered Mind Man is gay? He has high testosterone and high sex drive but it has nothing to do with reproduction. Just curious. How do you explain this?

    1. I certainly don't want to cause offence here but if the Many Mannered Mind Man is gay then it will still be the ''breeding'' type of sex - it might not end in reproduction but it is pursued in that vein. All the characters can be gay and as we know the gay community has various different labels to the ''types'' of gay people including references to their build: twink, bear, etc. Does that make sense? Please ask more questions.

  2. Wow I found your blog after my meanderings around secret sun blog. I always sort of lurk about these blogs without really commenting especially over at secret sun because everyone seems to get real uppity and combative. I've always noticed your comments on that blog and you seem to be extremely well versed in the tarot, qabbala and numerology. You can say I've been going down the rabbit hole for quite some time I suppose and this subject material is where I find my central focus on these days. I will attempt to immerse myself in your content now as well. Looks like I have a lot of catching up to do I see. Didn't know you've been posting since 2012. I always try to start from the beginning and work my way up to the present. Don't want to miss any nuggets of truth during the course of my research.

  3. Good luck let me know if I can help you with understanding anything. My general complaint about these circles is they talk a lot about big ideas but not technical details. A lot of this blog is devoted to those details.

  4. Haha :D same here, OP ...
    Read Blogos´comments over at the Sun... he seemed to me the only "mystic" so far, that arrived to similar conclusions about This Cosmic Muppet Show through their respective discipline, as i did by blind stumbling and deducting from there ( i follow no particular dogma / creed / technique, shtuff just appears from nowhere, gives me frisson you wouldn t believe (that s the indicator for me, that this is "truth" ) and get s integrated after it succesfully passed the "conscience and ethics death-chamber trial" and survived the "the valley of scepticism"...
    I started reading articles from very recently first, astrogenetics it was,, but decided to go s far back as i could find articles... now i m wading through the back-catalogue, spanning several years, trying to find more similarities and cross-references, make sense of everything and see if there is something that could be integrated into my system, further enhancing it...

    Whoever you are...chapeu...
    that s a huge feat, making "mysticism" understandable and concise, graspable by more than just the elitist haughty priest-caste lifting it from the shadows it used to dwell, thus becoming a sole endeavour of wannabe-spiritual-leaders, that use it for their own advantage (which is A-OK) but to the detriment of everyone else...