Thursday, January 30, 2014

Earth Altar - Time Travel

The Metabolism of Time featured on this blog reimagines the Tree of Life (and DNA itself) as a series of pathways through time.  Taken as a whole it can be interpreted as the necessary steps that consciousness goes through in order to experience time.  Once fully understood in this way the Tree of Life can be used to travel through time.

Since the entirety of the Universe occurs in a single grand moment and our perspective is but one of many possible perspectives it is possible to transfer one's perspective to a different point in time - indeed this is a core belief of many esoteric practitioners i.e. reincarnation and the transmigration of the soul.  This transference could be limited to one's own lineage (or may be easier within one's own lineage) but it should still be possible to go as far back as our common ancestor with coral, sharks, sponges, etc.

As was discussed in the post on animism, the Earth does not only respond to names but it also has a memory for places and times.  Ritual locations and times giving the names we use more efficacy - the Earth remembers when and where and who and eventually this becomes part of the instinct of the Earth.  If one's connection to the Earth is strong enough (and we are all part of the Earth and fundamentally connected to it) one should be able to ''ground'' one's own consciousness in the ''beginning'' and head up another lineage and cross the lines.

Since the Metabolism of Time involves the future and the future exists* it is possible to shift one's perspective also to a future self.  Grasping this type of Eternalism is sometimes weird as people feel it challenges free will.  I feel that it shifts free will to a 4 or 5 dimensional construct and moves the responsibility to the Higher Self (which I believe adepthood is all about incarnating in life, in the fullest sense one can).  The idea that an event in the future could cause an event in the past, or that rather than reincarnating in the linear sense into the future, one could reincarnate into the past typically causes problems with people's thinking**.

If I really grasp understanding of the Neschamah then ''I'' am simultaneously incarnating in ''my'' various incarnations at various positions throughout time - there is no ''re''.  If I really grasp understanding of Chiah then ''I'' am simultaneously being expressed as all life.  Ultimately, if I touch Yechidah then I am Thought.***

The Dee/Kelley pathwalking experiment, trekking the trails of Dee/Kelley's journey through Europe and punctuating with Theatrical Ritual, which resulted in the return to the Tower caused the Earth to ''remember'' and connected past to present.  Similarly the most vivid astral experience I have had whcih I have described before was probably more time travel perhaps than astral travel.  I cast a net of the Alefbeit over the pre-static of astral vision and then passed through it, quite literally.  I was angry and I was storming around at the base of a tower, dressed in fineryand angry with the Queen of England (QEI) because she had decided to sell England to someone without informing me.  I stormed up the tower only to have my passage blocked by butterflies (I believe these were Angels that block access to the time stream).  They demanded, in butterfly speak, a kind of weird humming buzz, that I stop as she was busy and not recieving people.  I replied, in Butterfly**** (my partner of the time was listening to this in the next room, I have no idea how I learned Butterfly!) that they should know who I am and let me through.  I was kicked back into ''reality''.  I thought for a while that this tower was the Tower at the end of Charles Bridge but now I realise that it was probably Kelley's Tower that I now write from.  Now this was about 5 years ago and way before I came across this Tower and got sucked into its vortex.  I may have even mentioned it before on the blog and referenced it as that other location as the blog has been set up before the Dee/Kelley experiment.

Enough for now.  Next I will talk about the timetravelling raptors.  It is an important issue and should not be completely dismissed to the lunatic fringe, especially by those who already find themselves on it!!!

**Retrocausality - important astral experience with purple elf things in flooding town informed me through dialogue with them that this position is more accurate.  Hugely important concept in magic should be studied and discussed more.
***Machashavah - an alternate name for Kether.
****Enochian or more correctly Angelical.

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