Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Metabolism VIII - The Cellular Membrane, Tzeruf and the 231 Gates

Following on from the last entry we understand that in the membrane of our cell of consciousness, the membrane that separates us from the Bloodstream of Time there are gates, transporters and receptors in exactly the same way as the biological cell.  These receptors, gates and transporters activate the cell or allow various objects in the blood (hormones, chemical messengers, etc) to enter the cell (although some very small molecules like water, sugar, salt simply pass through the membrane).

In the Sefer Yetzirah: Theory and Practice by Aryeh Kaplan we are told that the Kabbalists used to use the 231 Gates in the following way.  They would arrange the letters around themselves in a circle - these letters are understood to have been hewn or carved from thought-stuff, as massive blocks and arranged like a psychic Stonehenge around the mystic or group of mystics.  By connecting the letters in various ways the 231 Gates can be activated in order to bring ecstasy, euphoria , delight.  Activated in another order the 231 Gates can bring plague, disaster, entropy.

Expanding on the theory of Cellular Consciousness then we can imagine these letters as positioned in the sphere of Consciousness - as indeed they would be, pictured by the mystics at the border of their perception where it met their consciousness - and acting as those self-same receptors, gates and transporters in our cell membrane.

We know that each letter codes for a particular celestial influence, whether it be elemental, planetary or zodiacal - indeed if the aspirant is not comfortable with using the Alefbeit I don't see why these symbols should not be replaced with the astrological symbols themselves (although individuals should recognize that they are divesting themselves of the vast repository of mystical wisdom contained within the Kabbalah).

 By accessing this letter-gate, or a pair or series of letters to form a *word*, one should open those specific gates in the cell to allow associated specific phenomena to pour in.  Very much like hormones and chemical messengers act on the cell to produce changes in the chemical environment of the cytosol and DNA, one should be able to physically perceive the phenomena entering from the Bloodstream of Time and detect the changes caused within the mind and body of the recipient.

As we can see from the above diagram there are various types of receptors/gates/transporters found in the cell membrane but we must remember that all information coding for the construction of these receptors is contained in the DNA itself, which exists at the centre of the cell.  As there are 23 human chromosomes (and 23 copies) so there are 22 letters in the Alefbeit (astrological forces) + the mystical ''23rd letter to come'' - the four headed Shin.  As the DNA in the nucleus codes for all the proteins in the human body (and therefore all structures) so the 22 letters of the astrological forces contained within the human body (Feelix the Helix) code for all experienced phenomena.

In this model the practice of astrology is the equivalent of performing a blood test on the bloodstream of time, finding out what it contains (or is likely to contain) and take appropriate measures.  The practice of Theurgy is the equivalent to opening the right gates to the phenemona you want/need to experience so that it can enter your cell of consciousness.  One would be right in undertaking this method with the emphasis on personal and global tikkun.

This notion of Cellular Consciousness is a beautiful theosophical structure which ties together a lot of diverse material but it is merely mind-candy for spiritual titillation without knowledge of the details acquired through research, experimentation and memorization i.e. hard work.  This done, it becomes a very powerful super structure for the medically oriented Practical Kabbalist.

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