Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Metabolism VIII - Tzeruf and The Cellular Membrane

The Sphere of Consciousness

The cellular membrane of biological cells correlates to the Sphere of Consciousness that encloses our ''bubbles of perceived reality'' and mediates between our individual cells of consciousness and the ''bloodstream of time''.

In the biological cellular membrane there are gates and transporters in the membrane that allow various proteins, chemical messengers, hormomes, etc through and keep others out. Pathogenic microbes such as viruses or intracellular bacteria exploit these membranes in order to gain access to the cell - often by presenting their own versions of ''keys'' to these ''gates'' or by ''picking the lock''.

Similarly in our sphere of consciousness there are gates and transporters in the membrane that allow ''phenomena'' to get in.  Employing the Kabbalah we can see that all phenomena derive from combinations (words) of the 22 sacred symbols and the celestial forces they represent in the same way that all proteins (which cause changes in the cell or which are used by the pathogenic microbes) derive from a very simple set of amino acid combinations.  One can probe, engrave, carve, or otherwise use the letters in the membrane to allow certain events (coding to the letter used) into the cell - i.e. to summon.


We know from a simplistic analysis that a stressed and exhausted person has a weaker immune system and is therefore more susceptible to have their cells invaded by pathogenic bacteria.  Is a stressed or exhausted person more prone to experiencing events that continue to damage their cell of consciousness?  To what extent can Tzeruf used in the sphere of consciousness prevent the experience of negative entropic events?  To what extent can Tzeruf or other forms of letter meditation be used to activate our psychic cellular machinery?  What would it mean to be able to open a ''Mem gate'' in the membrane of our cellular consciousness?  What does this do to our understanding of Gematria?


Here are the associations I use:

Alef - Blood (Mother of the Mothers)/ Air
Mem - Cytosol (Mother of the Doubles)/ Water
Shin - Nucleus + DNA (Mother of the Singles)/ Fire

Bet - Cell Membrane/Saturn
Gimel - Endosomes/Jupiter
Dalet - Lysosomes/Mars
Kaph - Mitochondria/Sol
Pe- Endoplasmic Reticuluum/Venus
Resh - Golgi Apparatus/Mercury
Tav - Nucleolus/Luna

Heh - DNA replication fork/ Aries
Vav - DNA polymerase/ Taurus
Zayin - DNA Topoisomerase / Gemini
Chet - DNA coiling/ Cancer
Tet - Histone-bound DNA/ Leo
Yod - Chromosomes and scaffolding/ Virgo
Lamed - mRNA splicing/ Libra
Nun - mRNA/ Scorpio
Samekh - tRNA-ribosome complex/ Sagittarius
Ayin - post-translational folding/ Capricorn
Tzaddi - DNA repair/ Aquarius
Qoph - DNA recombination/ Pisces

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