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Raziel - Pathwalking in Barcelona

Several years ago I introduced the idea of a different approach to ''pathwalking'' from the guided meditations that are generally used in the WMT.  Through posts on this blog, or discussion forums this new approach to pathwalking that my colleagues and I explored during the Sefer Yetzirah study has slowly diffused into the larger community.  The essence of this work is that pathwalking should be performed in the ''physical'' world as opposed to one's imagination.*

It is important to note that we are not talking about simply taking a walk in nature, opening your heart and letting the world communicate to you through signs, omens, chance encounters upon the path, etc although this is a valid approach to the concept.  I am talking about a specific path you choose by conjuring the letter on to that path *before* walking it.  You are opening a *gate*.  What confronts you on that path, after you pass through the Gate, is the ''spirit'' of that letter** in dialogue with you and ultimately revealing its secrets if you ''Understand with Wisdom''.


Superficially, the most epic achievement with this kind of pathwalking was when it resulted in moving into the Donkey in the Cradle house in Malastrana, Prague - otherwise known as Edward Kelley's Tower - where I then lived for a year.  I had traced the paths of Dee and Kelley's journey through Europe and performed our play ''Elixir'' at various positions on the path, whilst whispering with the echoes of their own footsteps.  This ''Elixir'' was actually a mix of different letters and therefore constituted a set of gates - it was also my first application of the principle of the Galgal*** of 231 Gates as it can be applied to Time Travel.

I say superficially because I think its very easy to get caught up in the grandeur of certain achievements and fall prey to hubris.  In the final analysis the universe is composed of the same pure stuffness, some of it might be architecturally more pleasing than others - that's all.  As I mentioned before some of my most profound realisations through pathwalking have come about on the A47 and the Fosse Way.  *Any* path will serve for this work, as long as you open the Gate**** before hand.


As I mentioned in my last post I spent last weekend in Barcelona, Catalonia, a part of Spain renowned for its concentration of awesome dead kabbalists - Isaac the Blind, Ezra, Azriel, Moses ben Nahman, Jacob ben Sheshet, Abulafia and Gikatilla operated in this city and the nearby town of Gerona (Girona).   It is probably no coincidence that I was part of a maths teachers conference and spent the days manipulating numbers and letters and the evenings ''wandering'' through El Call, off Las Ramblas, in the Gothic quarter of the city.  It is also probably no coincidence that during the time I was there, Barcelona was taking part in the light festival, so large areas of the city, cloisters, cathedrals, fountains and ancient Roman cemeteries had video projection or innovative light art displayed on them.

In the weeks leading up to this trip my mind had found itself connecting with the Ruakh of Abulafia, who, I discovered, had his own special relationship with Raziel.  I reflected on Raziel's first essential communication with me on how to work with the Angels - ''Abandon the Tarot, study the letters of our names''.  This began our ''gazing'' into the Sefer Yetzirah, and, like Abulafia, drawing me away from the Sefirot and towards the inter-Sefirotic relationships represented by the paths.


These paths and the letter-chromosome-forces they represent are the means through which the Sefirot are unified.  In the WMT a traditional *mistake* is to play a kind of spiritual snakes and ladders with the ToL seeing Malkuth as the start and Kether as the finish but in Jewish Kabbalah we seek to unify the Sefirot.  As the letters are strung between the ''depths'' we bring together the dimensions of the hyper continuum represented by the Sefirot (up-down, north-south, east-west, past-future, good-evil)  to the point of infinity - the *heart* of our *mind*.  Alongside a sense of unity (achad), we also achieve a sense of *position*, the idea of ourselves as singular, unique (yechad).  When the precise position of the letters is understood then their powers can be unleashed as words, logoi and indeed Archangels - abrachadabra - an Angel is a Word.

Over the last few years Raziel has mainly focused on teaching me about how to manipulate the astral plane and move within it.  He has taught me about the merkaba (a vehicle I refer to at times as the bathyscaph), how to move around in my Ba/Ruakh, how to use facial muscles and appertures to manipulate the astral (see Ch.4 of SY. Gra Version), and was probably behind the successful communications I had from the Time Phone.  Positioned as an Archangel of Chokmah, he is at the upper end of the Jupiter path on the Saadia Tree and has become my go-to Angel for all sorts of other work.  It was Raziel who informed me that Wealth is the path between Wisdom and Loving-Kindness. I have always been interested in secret knowledge - that is why I am here now, writing this - so it seems an appropriate Angelic ally in the context of my life.  I remarked to Golem Builder the other day about how the distinction between Archangel, HGA, Higher Self, Daimon, Maggid, etc is often unclear - Raziel seems to be interacting with me in a similar way to the way in which he interacted with Abulafia, for what that is worth.


''He would fall.  He would not yet fall, but he would fall, silently in an instant.  Not to fall was too hard, too hard: and he felt the silent lapse of his soul, as it would be at some instance to come, falling, falling, but not yet fallen, still unfallen but about to fall.'' - Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, James Joyce

Not having flown for 8 years due to a superstition*****, I was happy that there were clouds below me on the outgoing flight.  But as I flew back over Europe, the sky was mostly clear all the way to Bohemia. Confronting my fear of flying while staring down at the naked granite teeth of the Alps was fairly terrifying - but I realised when I had safely returned that the power of flight was just that a power.  It was not a fear of heights I had, or even a fear of death, it was a fear of falling and being powerless to stop it.  I realised that if I learned to fly on the astral, I would no longer have such fear about flying in the physical - since in cellular consciousness these two worlds can overlap.  I would be flying with the plane rather than being flown.

n.b. Avila - As I write this I discover Moses de Leon, ''author'' of the Zohar, was resident in Avila, a city where I spent a month back in 2001, just before 9/11 and at the beginning of the Archangel study.  Its a path I hadn't realised I'd walked.

*Typical WMT pathwalkings on the ToL are like Konx Om Pax, visions of the Tarot imagery etc.  Those who understand the principles of Cellular Consciousness will understand the problems with differentiating the physical from the imaginative.
**Astrological force - element, planet, zodiac sign.
****Permute the letters - carve, engrave, quarry, weigh, probe with, probe from, etc.
*****This actually made pathwalking more accessible to me, than to others who simply fly over the paths.

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