Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Five Thought Experiments To Try

As per usual, I've been playing around with some esoteric thought experiments, and figured some of them might be familiar or helpful.  Try and wrap your head around these five:

- The Future causes the Past. Retrocausality has wide reaching implications but I got a lot of fun out of applying this to the esoteric concept of egregore whereby practitioners think a kind of group-spirit is created by their mutual efforts.  Applying retro-causality would indicate that first there was the egregore and that caused the people to exist who seemingly created it.  Also - most esoteric practitioners believe that reincarnation happens forwards, that they are heading towards the future.  What if like salmon, some souls are swimming back upriver to the source in the distant mountainous past, that some of us are reincarnating backwards in time - retroincarnation?

- We are already dead and this is the Afterlife.  Since we never experience the physical world directly, only indirectly through the interface of our conscious experience, and that experiential reality takes time to form in consciousness what we experience as the present is already history.  We never experience now only then so what could really be happening is that I am catching up with the now that is in fact my own death.  Its all very Jacob's Ladder.

- We are 5th dimensional beings reading and writing on 4th dimensional space.  I consider the 5th dimension the observational dimension, with an axis of good/evil (advantage/disadvantage) but no space, time or movement.  As a 5th dimensional being I am experiencing various 4th dimensional timelines through sequential incarnation that I am either writing through the experiences I have and the choices I make or reading after the fact*

- All spirits are actually ghosts of once living people, including ''God''.  Osiris was a dead king, Isis a dead queen, immortalized in the ''astral plane'', etc.  Local fae/daimons were actually people of the woods, etc. So God *is* Dead.... For the eternalists** amongst us all spirits could still be living beings that we communicate with via manipulation of time.  All spiritual communication rather than an ''extra-dimensional'' process is actually the use of various forms of ''time-phone'' - in this sense angelic/higher beings are actually future beings.

- Cellular Consciousness - the main esoteric theory of the Blogos and enormous fun/terror for meditation and contemplation.  I am not me but We, a differentiated community of six trillion miniature selves working together  and that We in Us is in itself differentiated so that my individual cell functions as a brain cell, or kidney cell, or skin cell in social situations.  All of us project our cellullar nature on to the world at large so that the roads are blood vessels lined with tissue-like buildings replete with rooms like cells - sometimes these tissues are skin, or fat, or muscle or nerve depending on the fundamental nature of the building.  Each room we build to house the nuclei of our consciousnesses have cellular features, appertures like windows and doors in the ''membrane'' (the walls), energy sources like heating and lighting operating like mitochondria.  This is a great bridge in ''As Above, So Below'' type thinking for the scientifically inclined and also has excellent correspondences for healing.

 *Stronger evidence for reading rather than writing in my opinion because of the strength of deterministic positions, I believe free will exists in the 5th dimensional choice of which incarnation ''to read''.
**All time already exists.

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