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The Tree of Life - The Saadia Tree, the Twelve Zodiac Signs and Esoteric Genetics II

Twelve simples: He, Vav, Zayin; Het, Tet, Yod; Lamed, Nun, Samech; Ayin, Tsadeh, Qof. He engraved them, hewed them, tested them, weighed them, and exchanged them. How did He combine them? Two stones build two houses. Three stones build six houses. Four stones build twenty-four houses. Five stones build one hundred twenty houses. Six stones build seven hundred twenty houses. Seven stones build five thousand forty houses. Thenceforth, go out and calculate what the mouth is unable to say and what the ear is unable to hear.  Ch.3 V.4 Sefer Yetzirah, Saadia Version

Throughout our esoteric archives we see constant reference to our spiral nature whether it be through the Caduceus and the Tree of Life, Yogic chakras as vortices, or the whirlwinds, dragon-serpents and bolas of the Sefer Yetzirah.  Most esotericists would agree that the link between this imagery and our DNA is indisputable and many will discuss this association at length.  It is one thing to talk in general and quite another to know the details - with the former we can make beautiful imagery and inspire soulfulness in our endeavours in the material world, with the latter we can inform our medicine

There are Twelve basic genetic mechanisms and these relate to the Twelve Zodiac signs and the Twelve diagonal paths on the Tree of Life.  In the first section we related the first six signs of the zodiac to the six mechanisms involved in replicating DNA. In this second section, we'll look at Libra - Capricorn which cover protein synthesis.  As you know you are made of biological cells, each cell contains a nucleus which conceals the chromosomes - genetic dictionaries listing all the words or proteins necessary to make you. These four astrological signs  relate to the way in which genetic mechanisms are responsible for reading those dictionaries and creating a word (protein) from the genetic code.  In order to do this the chromosomes must be read, analysed, transcribed and translated - the subsequent protein must then be folded in a precise way otherwise it will not have its function.  

Libra - Capricorn or Protein Synthesis

Libra - mRNA transcription + splicing

Transcription is when mRNA is made from DNA - this RNA is a messenger which is ultimately read and translated into a protein. During transcription, an enzyme makes a copy of a gene from the DNA to mRNA as needed.  However some of the code is not useful and the mRNA needs to be spliced before it is read.   Splicing is the process by which pre-mRNA is modified to remove certain stretches of non-coding sequences called introns; the stretches that remain include protein-coding sequences and are called exons.  In the Libra diagram we see in the upper section an intron being removed from the pre mRNA.

Scorpio - mRNA

Once the introns have been removed the remaining exons form the finished mRNA which codes for the necessary protein along with what is called a 3' poly(A) tail.  This tail allows the mRNA to leave the nucleus and be translated into a protein as well as serving to protect the mRNA from degradation. When comparing the mRNA to the Scorpio glyph it is worth noting this tail but at the same time one should compare the image to the one for Virgo or DNA.  If we look at Virgo and Scorpio we see that they are very similar but where Scorpio has a tail, Virgo has a twist - Scorpio is our single-stranded RNA with its poly(A) tail and Virgo our double-stranded DNA.

The image below is useful as we see the DNA of Virgo, the mRNA splicing process of Libra, and the mRNA of Scorpio emerging.

Sagittarius - tRNA + mRNA translation
The produced mRNA is finally read by a molecule called tRNA which is attached to a ribosome. The mRNA is passed through the ribosome and the tRNAs coding for individual amino acids assembles the required protein.  The tRNA is evocative of the symbol for Sagittarius - in the 3d rendering of the molecule we see in the blue downward section the point of our arrowhead and in the green and red of the 2d rendering we see our crossbar.

Capricorn - post-translational folding

After tRNA has read the mRNA we now have our protein as a string of amino acids, our word as a string of letters - however the protein will lack its vital function without being folded, in some kind of molecular origami into its final shape.  This post-translational folding is what is referred to by our glyph of Capricorn.


These proteins read from the genetic dictionaries, our chronosomes, are the words of the serpent language of our spiral nature and this final folding of the protein is the inflection*.  These proteins are the words our DNA speaks as it replies to the needs and demands of the shifting environment of the body.

*Note that the site of post-translational folding, our inflection i.e. the E.R. and the golgi appartus relate to Venus and Mercury or Pe and Resh i.e. the mouth and the face

''It is probably best to think of the Golgi and the ER as both important parts of the process involving the way in which the nucleus packages and secretes proteins back out into the cytoplasm and finally the body at large.  What must be understood to really grok what is happening esoterically is that the cell is listening to the larger cellular community and then responding to its needs - the proteins, hormones or chemical messengers are the words.  In order to respond to the conversation the information contained inside the nucleus, the physiological dictionary, is read and the correct response/protein is formulated.  This word however must be inflected and spoken - in the language of proteins we would talk about folding the protein and then secreting it - Abrakadabra!''

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