Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Cellular Consciousness and The Prison Planet

The word cell often evokes the word prisoner and those who grasp the principles of cellular consciousness will understand how the prison of our mind is very similar to the prison of the biological cell.  Indeed a set of minds in a room, are something akin to cellular tissue - which could be likened to a line of prison cells.

We have talked at length about the difficulties of breaking through the membrane of our own minds into the bloodstream of time - the problems with accusing angels, time police, etc -  we are inclined to remain in our cells and for the vast majority of the population, the only way out is through their dreams.

Sometimes the problem with spiritual people is they assume a perfection of the spiritual dimension which isn't present on Earth, I personally don't see why this should be the case - the spiritual dimension if not directly overlapped on the cosmos proper and therefore not a separate thing at all persay, could be just as messy.  If this is a prison system, justice may not be the first thing on its mind and even if it is, its probably not always properly executed

For consideration:

- individuals wrongfully imprisoned on Earth
- individuals doing their time who want to keep their heads down and not risk any talk of breaking out, perhaps this is an explanation for why some people avoid spirituality, they are nearly out and don't want to jeopardize their release
- corrupt/sadistic guards
- corrupt prison regime, exploiting prisoners for manufacturing work, a cosmic incarceration complex
- rehabilitation vs punishment, this ends up including the ideas of education with the idea of imprisonment
- individuals breaking in so they can break others out
- multiple defensive layers - barbed wires, sealed doors, spiked walls, watch-towers, etc perhaps represented by the crystalline spheres and the angels/entities that protect them when you attempt astral ascent

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  1. I can see this, yes, could be linked to emotional and psychological fear barriers and ring pass nots