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Healing and the Sorcerers

Philosophy isn’t just reading what dead guys said or contemplating the sun. It’s about putting the will of the gods into action, no matter what they’ve given you to do. We should all be dignified public servants, fearless, striving for what’s good instead of what’s popular. Seriously, if you have something to say, fucking say it; the truth always comes out. Until then, it is better to live in the favor of the gods who see all and be hated by fallible men than the other way around. If some petty motherfucker hates you, maybe he spreads a rumor or throws a rock.  So what? On the other hand, if Jupiter isn’t thrilled with you, well, you’re pretty much fucked then, huh?

Marcus Aurelius, paraphrased by Philosophy Bro
What is healing?

The Kingships of the seven planets in the Sefer Yetzirah are - Wisdom, Wealth, Fertility, Health, Power, Peace, and Beauty*.  Their transpositions are Ignorance, Poverty, Desolation, Sickness, Submission, War and Ugliness.  Using the double letters in their soft form Kabbalists are said to be able to dispel the transpositions and restore the Kingships.  A practical meditation on a letter might involve writing out the word BYTh in Hebrew and then writing out the full spelling of those letters BYTh, YVD, ThV and so on and so on until the mind goes on to what cannot be counted.

Quarry, carve, engrave, probe.

I associate the seven double letters with the chaldean order in their rational order:
  • Saturn - Beit - Wisdom (V)
  • Jupiter - Gimel - Wealth (J)
  • Mars - Daleth - Fertility (Dh, or Dj)
  • Sol -  Kaph - Health (Kh)
  • Venus - Peh - Power (F)
  • Mercury - Resh - Peace (Rrrr or ř)
  • Luna - Tav - Beauty (Th)
If you have only studied the Crowbalah and not the Kabbalah this may seem like a strange order and perhaps a strange concept.  In truth various Kabbalists have offered up different arrangements over the centuries but I feel that the above is the oldest order and also the most rational.

If you understand that Mars was originally an agricultural deity, fertility may start making more sense when you also understand that the corrupted understanding of Mars as a God of War brings only devastation and desolation.  Perhaps you believe that the Kingship of Beauty would better rest with Sol or Venus - but the Sun is the Lord of Healing and dominance and submission are definitely in the dominion of Venus aren't they?  You naughty folk.   Perhaps the God of communication seems out of place ruling war and peace until you start thinking about it for a moment...

Example lifestyle ritual behaviour based on the order:
  • Monday - vanity and glamour preps
  • Tuesday - the tribe, the farmstead and maintaining its fecundity
  • Wednesday - communications and meditation/mediation, inter-personal and intra-personal
  • Thursday - money management
  • Friday - love-play, dating
  • Saturday - chowing down on knowledge pie 
  • Sunday - healthy eating and exercise
Some Kabbalists apply a more flexible approach and permute the letters, as esoterically as is possible of course, to achieve blends of the planetary forces, which as a group of entities can be said to govern over the group of Kingships.  I mean its not like we can just focus on looking good on Mondays and let ourselves degenerate over the rest of the week until we are a shambolic wreck.  Similarly if health activity only happens on Sunday you are probably going to end up a little out of shape.  These Kabbalists' approach makes sense to me, we must permute and mix the letters, adjusting their forces to the astrological weather, compensating and reacting to the cosmic wind.

As ever, in medicine, precision is everything so without understanding the correct order its difficult to zoom in on individual problems.  Most Crowbalists end up with a shotgun rather than a laser and their surgeries are often a little rough to say the least - if they even use the Crowbalah to attempt to heal another person.

To what extent does our will have to bend with the astral forces, and to what extent do we remake the world with that will?  A planetary lifestyle as I have outlined above need not exclude other planets on other days but making sure to include appropriate planetary activity for appropriate day cannot help but remake you over time and most of us need some sort of scaffolding to build anything lasting.

To what extent can the work of our sorcerers be said to be healing?
  • You are ignorant.  A healer teaches you.  You now know.
  • You are poor.  A healer helps you make money.  You are now rich
  • You are infertile.  A healer grants you the power to create.  You have children.
  • You are sick.  A healer cures you.  Your are healthy.
  • You are in chains.  A healer gives you strength to break out.  You are free.
  • You are vengeful.  A healer calms you down.  You are at peace.
  • You feel ugly.  A healer gives you glamour.  You feel beautiful!  Awww.
 Sorcerer or Healer?  Does it matter?  What's in a name?

*Grace, but the transposition is ugliness - do we mean beauty or does ugliness really mean a complete lack of sophisitication?

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