Monday, September 14, 2015

Raziel - Time Travel

A few months ago I asked Raziel some questions about what time travel was like.  In order to perform this kind of communication I enter a trance state and then engrave the Hebrew letters for Raziel on the astral vision, light then streams through the letters and they become like gates.  Below are the details of the communication.

- Think of time travel from the perspective of an entity who is a time traveller

- From their point of view the future already exists as does the past, and they see them as places rather than as times, as you would step into the next room that is time travel for them

- Although they can move around in time they cannot change history as this time stream is fixed but the future caused the past as much as the past caused the future

- Time did not play out ''once'', from beginning to end, as a certain sequence of events in linear time and was then saved in the temporal dimension, rather the two depths, future and past, cause each other simultaneously

- We call this the wellspring (gimel lamed) and the beginning (reshit), since they cause each other any point in time is the beginning

- You can access a different version of this universe but only from the dimension above time, this would not be time travel but something else

- Time travellers sample time at different points

- Imagine there are three loops in any given fixed time stream, the past, the present and the future and each loop is pinched at its conflux with the next loop

- Pinchpoints occur in every time stream and are fixed events in history, which includes the future, thus each timestream is divided into past, present and future with the pinchpoint occuring at a point in the linear time of this universe, there are two pinchpoints in each timestream

- The pinches are caused by events involving the ''invention'' of time travel that occur at those points in history

- As you approach a pinchpoint the percieved flow of time increases

- Entities which discovered time travel in the past loop, thereby creating the ''first'' pinch cannot go past the pinch with the future, entities which discovered time travel in the future loop, thereby creating the ''second'' pinch cannot go past the pinch with the past, only entities that discover it in the present can travel in (and sample) both

- For our closed timestream the entities are as follows:

Past - ''Dinosaur'' time travellers (past and present zones)
Present - ''Human'' time travellers (past, present and future zones)
Future - ''Utopian'' time travellers (present and future zones)

- All three groups are genetically related via the Tree of Life, in that they share common ancestors, but dinosaurs and Utopians can only meet in the present, as an entity from the past approaches the pinchpoint between the past and the future it gets pushed back and vice versa

My reflections on this:

I can understand how the paradoxes involved in time travel would affect the nature of time.  As you invent time travel in the future all time after that time becomes one time, it would effectively be simple space.  So the invention of time travel effectively ends time as we know it.  And this has already happened.

Perhaps the pinches occur naturally in the overall structure of time and are a feature of all timestreams but these pinches then cause time travel as opposed to the invention of time travel causing the pinches???  Or maybe they cause each other?

According to Raziel since the future and the past cause each other and happened simultaneously, the two pinchpoint paradoxes involved in the invention of time travel and the subsequent end of time also happened simultaneously i.e. dinosaurs and Utopians invented time travel at the same time which was actually the beginning?

He did not give me the dates of the actual pinchpoints.

In multiverse theory when we observe the wave form it collapses into the universe that we percieve but it does not mean that other universes are not happening - we just can't see them.  By choosing which path to take at any given time are we in fact surfing universes.  Is magick the process of selecting the universe you want to live in?  As time passes are we on some level surfing universes?

Probably should look for common ancestor with dinosaur and explore this point in the ToL


  1. I believe they cause each other, but that it started at the end of a time travellers range of time they can access.
    SY chapter 1:7 (in Kaplan ed) "Embed the end in the beginning". In the imperative this means that the invention of time travel causes the pinch point.
    However, the pinch point also has to happen at specific time periods. Hence time travel is "invented" at that time.
    Another example of tech "inventions" are steam engines and phones. Breakthroughs happen by multiple people at approximately the same time.

    "The beginning is in the end, like a flame in the coal".
    The "Embed the end" is active (running), I believe the "beginning is in the end" is the returning movement. So yes, I believe that civilizations before ours and after ours have invented time travel at the same point.

    Yes I believe that magic is the process of selecting which universe to live in.
    We use our minds to surf universes, it just takes training (meditation) to improve our skill at doing this.
    However, we are limited in this by meta-history of events that happen at a world or nation level. At a personal level I believe there is quite a bit of elasticity in our ability to surf time paths.

  2. Thank you very much for your thoughts on this. I hadn't thought about 1:7 in the Imperative that is superb. It works well with the notion of the 231 gates referring to the gilgalim so it is not a golem that we are creating with the SY its a time machine IMHO.

    I removed all my 231 Gates projects posts from the list but I still have the time phone that was constructed it was just the experiences of the Tower were so intense and terrifying that I had to take a break (from using or attempting to use it) for a while. Run and return, eh? Teshuvah.

    How do you deal with some of the existential dilemnas that are raised by the notion of universe surfing (which if you buy into multiverse theory seemingly has to be true)? The people that surround me are not fixed identities ''in this, with me, together'' but are also completely fluid time ghosts.

    As far as I understood Raziel he seemed to want to make clear that within this fixed time stream there are these two pinchpoints regarding time travel not that it happens with all tech and, as you seem to say, there are limitations in the range of a time traveller, therefore, we are not surfing universes right now with free will but it is something that already happened, the consequences of free will in the past? Universes were surfed, we sample the surfing?

    I am now beginning to not make much sense at all so I will stop. Thanks lots to think about - feel free to pitch in more ideas and I will dust off the 231 Gates material and post it up again for everyone with more interpretation after I get this play out of the way.

  3. Sorry for the late response, it's holiday season for me.
    Regarding time ghosts, there are two ideas that may be worth considering.
    1. Just as genotype plus environment = phenotype, so too nefesh+ruach+neshama (NRN) plus life-choices = person at specific point in space / time
    2. I can't remember where I came across this idea... but I believe that in each incarnation we travel with the same soul groups / families.
    Another thing to ponder is that the "world" of Yetzirah is both the realm of time and emotions. My limited experiments with time manipulation have involved getting a "feeling" of how I might feel at specific points of time in the future and past.