Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Theory of Knowledge - Paranoia and Hostile Spirits

The spirit that I have seen

May be the devil, and the devil hath power 
T' assume a pleasing shape; yea, and perhaps, 
Out of my weakness and my melancholy, 
As he is very potent with such spirits, 
Abuses me to damn me.

Hamlet, William Shakespeare

Is it possible that spirits are behind these mass shootings?  Or more globally is it possible that spirits are behind many acts of violence and crime in the world? Several magicians are suggesting that it is ridiculous to think this and these maniacs are only under the influence of their own demented ideologies and that ultimately people are responsible for their own actions.   I believe that knowing what we do as esoteric practitioners it is foolish not to believe in the existence of harmful and hostile spirits - as far as I am aware possession is very real and people are constantly being tempted by a variety of extra-dimensional entities.  Are they behind all violence?  No.  Are they behind some of the violence?  Definitely.

Accepting the existence of a spirit world occupied by a variety of beings with multiple conflicting agendas was something I avoided for a long time.  When I began my esoteric career I was certainly influenced by both an energy-matter model and a psychological model for my theory of magic.  I believed that it was possible to alter the magnetic fields around my body by will and effect change this way and that demons were largely neuroses and complexes.  As I moved through the study of the Qabalah and began to explore the Yetziratic world I moved more towards an informational model appropriate to a system based on a kind of astrosemiotics - by altering the code behind reality I could alter the reality itself.  Throughout this work I was summoning Archangels but included them in the informational model as sentient codes or archetypes.

Over the last five years I have also included the idea of non-physical entities that are as real and independent as I am, not ideas or concepts blown up to giant proportions or simply parts of my mind, but complex individual beings.  The reason I avoided the spirit-model for so long is that even to a highly rational mind it opens the door to a vortex of paranoia.  Believing that there are non-physical entities of which some are attempting to manipulate human beings in order to complete their metabolism is par the course in the esoteric world - as magi, we know that in offering a spirit anything from incense and incantations to blood sacrifice, that they feed on that attention and in turn cause manifestations in physical reality.   The giving and receiving of attention is the essential nature of the dialogue between spirit and man.

Just as there are a wide range of microbiological organisms on the planet that have evolved various different ways to feed - from symbiosis to parasitism - so there are a wide array of spiritual organisms, macrobes if you like, equally widespread in the completion of their metabolism.   Some seek out special individuals to work with, forming symbiotic and reciprocal partnerships that are largely mutually beneficial - this seems to be the way with relationships with gods.  In giving praise, and other forms of attention to the god-spirit its manifestations are its thanks for that praise.  On the other hand, parasitic entities provide nothing to the host and only siphon off its energy or effect its mind in such a way that it spreads chaos, fear or other forms of negativity that the entity that feeds off.

Just as I discussed the overlap between biology and folklore when its come to demonslaying,  your defense against possession can be informed by the same sources. Vampires can only enter your house if you invite them in.  What constitutes an invitation is something you need to think about.  Taking colloidal silver and garlic every day is the equivalent of protecting your temple with amulets made of these things.  Sunlight (and its astral equivalent) remains the best means of destroying the undead.  It took a long time to slay my sister's ear demon - in the end the use of lactoferrin which worked spectacularly was informed by my knowledge of the apotropaic effects of iron from Babylonian demonology.

The undead will take over the temple when either the defences are down-  fatigue, stress or trauma - or after direct invitation.  That there are people out there willing, and even crying out, for possession, is not hard to find evidence of.  Some people, as natural mediums, are more open to possession than others and always fare better inside a tradition where they garner its protection, than they do outside where they are often ridden by random and vicious entities.

The scariest thought to most people is to what extent these entities control the halls of power in this world and this is the one that most try to avoid. When I worked for DEFRA during the FMD crisis I thought to myself that building giant pyres of burning cattle would be a great way to perform a mass sacrifice for a god - that various governmental forces aren't doing the same kind of rituals whether it be great wars, entertainment spectacles or abusive rituals in secret basements would be a naive thing to believe.

However, I avoided the terms good and evil in this post for a reason.  I don't believe Yersinia Pestis is inherently evil, it is simply trying to complete its metabolism the way it has evolved to, and I feel exactly the same way about parasitic or pathogenic spirits - whether you call them reptilians or demons.  From their perspective the silver, the garlic and the sunlight are evil.  They are doing what they do to get attention, in the same way some humans are abusive, or vampiric, in their search for the social form of glucose.

My experiences at Edward Kelley's Tower, with its selection of low level parasitic psychic critters, terribly dangerous wraiths, nature spirits, archangels and astral alchemists confirmed to me that we are living in a complex and dangerous world the true nature of which is beyond our imagination.

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