Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Depth of the West - Yesod, Foundation

When we meditate along the directions, east-west, north-south, up-down, good-evil, past-future, we lose ourselves in the point at infinity.  When we bring these opposites together we are left with nothing. Infinity and nothingness are the foundation upon which the rest of the edifice is built - the great arteries, veins, intestines, muscle fibres, fat cells, tissues, the cellular apparatus of the Great Man, Adam Kadmon splayed out in the roads, the tubes, the pipes, the systems and the chambers of our world.  A vision of the universal machinery.

The twenty two letters of foundation are related to the chromosomes of the cell and are situated in the Depth of the West.  The animal forces that manifest are part and parcel of the genetic time travelling I discuss in the Hermetic Lessons.  In descending into your genes in meditation, whether you know it or not, you are inevitably entering into dialogue with the ancestor organisms/animal spirits that link your tree of life back to the first cell.  Various types of monkeys for sure but go deep enough and you will find - marsupials, amphibians, sharks, sea-squirts, flatworms, sponges and fungi.

If you follow the principles of cellular consciousness you will discover that Yesod, or the Depth of the West, relates to your genetic self - a creature I refer to as Feelix the Perfect Helix, a time travelling information spiral.  As you emerge from Malkuth, the Depth of the Past, during your initiation, you are winding back time - the lightning flash grounded you in the past, fixed you in destiny - your path away from this is therefore one of liberation.  You are no longer an isolated organism disconnected from the Earth, alone amongst the shells or husks, but the sum of the being of the organisms that brought you here.

When moving from Yesod to Tifereth - along the path of the Sun, we do so then as Feelix, not as our individual egoic self which is left behind like shed skin.  We continue to move backwards through time, West to East, towards the Beginning in the Depth of the Future - the animal spirits within us have merged together into Feelix and what we are becoming is a cell.   The higher forms of animal life we encounter in Tifereth are not ''higher'' in the sense of ''more evolved'' organisms like monkeys, etc they are deeper, or more fundamental components of life and existence.  At the end of the path of the Sun, in the Depth of the East, lies the nucleus.  When we follow this path we merge with the Sun at ''the Dawn'', our genetic selves regain their nuclei.

The nucleus, nucleolus, or nuclear membrane, can be likened to the luminous egg of Carlos Castenada, the celestial vehicles of Iamblichus, or some interpretations of ''the aura''.  In my work on cellular consciousness I liken it to the sphere of physical reach so adeptly rendered in the Vitruvian man but this sphere, when understood in consciousness, goes beyond simply the ability to manipulate the world ''physically'',

As I discussed in the post on education and initiation, one's models and assumptions change fundamentally as you progress through the system.  To begin with you tend to be a materialist*, rooted in matter and you therefore use material models to explain the way the magic is working. You believe that the world around you is literally the world, and have not yet understood that it is a representation of that world which is in fact, a bit late.  As you move up the path of the Moon and into the Depth of the West, psychological models seem to yield the most explanatory force - psychology gains ground as you realise the limitations of matter and the necessity of mind.  In order to complete the initiation as far as the Depth of the East, and regain your nucleus, it is necessary to study the Depth of Down (informational models) and the Depth of Up (spirit models).  The most powerful understanding of the nucleus then is the way in which these models culminate and integrate within a model based in Mind.  Your sense of being is no longer rooted in your brain, or your physical body, or your ''genetic self'' now it extends to this luminous egg.


In following the middle pillar up the Tree, we enter the final path of Saturn, continuing to rewind time and reconstitute our cellular nature - although like the journey to Tifereth, the Depth of the East, it involves more than this path but all the other remaining paths as well.  This journey connects Zeir Anpin (Tifereth and the central Sefirot) to Arikh Anpin (the macrocosm) and reveals how your nucleus relates to and connects with the whole cosmos.  Daath, when understood, becomes ''the contents of the cell'', bounded by the cellular membrane, and Kether, ''the bloodstream of time''.


*Generally lay folk are ''materialists'' even if they live in a more spiritual society and are not what we consider scientific materialists

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