Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Raziel - Daughter Dimensions and the Binary Universe

Over the course of the last few years I have been explaining how the structure of the biological cell maps over to the structure of consciousness - from early principles to complex associations.  We have explored the concept of cellular receptors and how they can used to summon from the bloodstream of time, the letters acting as gates in the membrane of our consciousness and coding for particular types of phenomena/events.  We have explored how physiongnomical cues can reveal how individuals in our lives may be addressing an underlying biological need or acting as messengers from the larger organism we are all part of.  Very recently I have discussed chronobiology looking at how we can view the Alefbeit (and the Tarot) as a clock - this mystical cycle corresponding with the cell cycle*.

The cell cycle governs how cells divide by mitosis into two daughter cells but what does that division mean for our consciousness - how does consciousness divide?  The Metabolism of Time, the core work of the Hermetic Lessons, shows how there are ten phases necessary to the development of each moment in consciousness - altering the future, reducing the future, changing the future, experiencing the moment, analysing the moment, responding to the moment, the inner mind, remembering, forgetting and altering the past (memory).

These ten stages occur in every given moment but as moments stack up we can define some moments as being more of one type than another e.g. if you spend five mins analysing a text we can say that although the moments that make up those minutes each go through all of the above cycle they have taken on the general character of analysis.  These concepts map over to the Tree of Life and would be considered an attempt at understanding the world of Atziluth and the way in which these clusters of moments then aggregate into archetypal selves such as analysts is an attempt at understanding Briah.

Does our consciousness divide every moment** and what are the practical side effects of this?  As ever Raziel is difficult to decompress so this is my interpretation about the communications regarding the mitosis of consciousness and the resulting daughter cells.  When considering parallel universes in the traditional sense we tend to think of the multiplicity of possible actions yielding an infinite possible number of worlds branching off from every moment but what Raziel seems to be saying is that there are in fact only two branching worlds - the daughters of each moment.  In any given moment the only two possibilities are the Depth of Good and the Depth of Evil.  In terms of cellular consciousness I have traditionally thought of Good and Evil as better understood by advantage/disadvantage or nutrition/poison.  For simple microbes these are pretty much the parameters of their being - use space and time to head towards sugar and away from antibiotics, if you will.

Raziel though was suggesting that Good and Evil are really best understood as action and inaction with every single moment resulting in one or the other - either you move, through will, or you don't - you either live the self, or you don't. I move my arm in front of my face and from the point of view of time this is a massive collection of moments that have all chosen action.   The Depth of Evil then is defined by maximum inaction and in fact both Depths can be characterized by imagining the branched off end-world where every single decision in every single moment was for Evil or for Good - an active self vs an inactive self.*** The vast majority of our lives are spent navigating these tensions and when a cell line becomes extinct it can be considered fully inactive - the Depth of Death.

What does this do to the structure of the universe(s)?  Rather than infinite pontential at any moment we have ascending powers of two - start with one moment that divides into two, then these two become two again and so on and so on.  Imagine (our consciousness of time as) a series of caves that are linked by tunnels, with two tunnels leading away from each cave.  Combining this with the notions of fixed time streams we can see this system of cellular caverns as preexisting, rather than being tunnelled out by our actions in a moment, and our choices for good or for evil only determine the caves where we sample the time and therefore the possible opinions we can make about our actions.  Remember that at the level of our three dimensional selves we are not free and our actions are predetermined in these closed time streams, but we are free in how we judge what we did, in what we sample and in what we take away.  At the level of the Depth of Good and the Depth of Evil we are ultimately Observers****.

*This is in implicit in the associations between the Zodiac and the 12 basic genetic rhythms.
**For the sake of argument we will consider the moment to be the shortest possible unit of time - the Planck moment - equal to 10 to the power of -43 seconds.
***The leech signifies the Depth of Evil, and the archetypal character (the fully lived self) the Depth of Good.  In a communication with Uriel from a very early project I was shown an anti-self and this could possibly be understood as the maximum evil self.  There is more theodicy here.
****The archangels traditionally associated with Binah and Chokmah are Tzaphkiel and Raziel.

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