Tuesday, April 19, 2016


I have bedimmed
the Noontide Sun, called forth the mutinous winds,
And twixt the Green Sea and the Azur'd vault,
Set roaring war: to the dread rattling thunder have I give fire
And rifted Jove's stout Oak with his own bolt.

Prospero, The Tempest, William Shakespeare

It is ridiculous to single out Jupiter as an evil entity.  If you want to say that Jupiter is the God of exploitative investment bankers, then Venus is the Goddess of pop music drivel, Mars of black budgets and Saturnus of pharmaceutical companies who farm pain and suffering. As Qabalists we accept that the world is broken and attempt to rectify it.  Our seven planetary Kingships - wisdom, wealth, seed, health/life, power, peace and beauty - have their seven transpositions - ignorance/folly, poverty, desolation, disease, submission, war and ugliness.  These principles are nominally out of balance in our lives and it is our task to calibrate the currents.

As one of the remaining members of the group established by Sef Salem that was lampooned by Gordon White in the discussion about Jupiter I have this to say about Wealth.  Prosperity magic has completely transformed my life and the lives of those around me over the last four years.  My association with that group has lead to promotions, opportunities, and influence.  I am grateful to Sef and to Jason Miller for their initial involvement in the project.

The involvement of Raziel in the prosperity working, at least in my own praxis, cannot be undervalued.  The Archangel taught me about the role of Wisdom and Love in the meaning of Wealth (the Path of Jupiter) - that Wealth/Prosperity in my personal life is as much an enrichment in my mind and my community as it is an enrichment of my pocket.  Charity is central to this philosophy of wealth and I invest in my community with my time and my coin.

However my personal and group work does not involve the Roman Jupiter but ''the Jupiter current'' and the Kingship of Wealth. The God that I work with and continue to work with in this vein is Enlil and in establishing/cementing this relationship I used the extended ritual in Liber Astarte vel Berylli - which involves a commitment most people in the WMT can't seem to muster these days.

Consistency is all I ask.

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, Tom Stoppard

Prosperity magic is one way of rectifying the kingship of wealth and in order to extend this to all kingships a seven day planetary hyper-ritual would need to be explored.  Using the ideas below one might consider an invocation during the planetary hour of the planetary day working with an appropriate god alongside activities pertinent to whatever it is that you are trying to rectify or calibrate.

  • Monday - Moon - Cleansing, bathing
  • Tuesday - Mars - Family/Tribe/Team bonding
  • Wednesday - Mercury - Meditation and communication
  • Thursday - Jupiter - Finances
  • Friday - Venus - Lovers, dating
  • Saturday - Saturn -  Books, study
  • Sunday - Sun - Exercise, healthy cooking

The problem is that most people's lives are a slow motion train-wreck of chaotic events and/or sheltering from their effects and it is unlikely that people can  pull themselves together for the time it would take with this kind of work to solve or attempt to solve the problems.  It seems easy on the surface but the distractions of the world are infinite.  The best approach is baby steps - once you have worked up a regular practice with one Kingship, begin to integrate another making sure that it does not interfere with your first.

I couldn't think at all... I could.... never quite get it... together.

The Caretaker, Harold Pinter

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