Saturday, August 6, 2016

Raziel - Time Travel and the Future

As you know I have been working with Raziel on the subject of time travel.  In previous messages, I was informed that basically this timestream is closed because if you were to be able to change any events in it then you could possibly interfere with the invention of time travel. This means that this timestream is entirely determined with serious implications for ''magic'' (there is some selection possible but only those universes whose decisions aggregate in the invention of time travel are realisable).  It can be observed from the future, but not interacted with in any way.   ''The future'', i.e. the period after the invention of time travel is, from the perspective of a time traveller, treated like space and ''colonized''.  The next piece of the puzzle was this message which after unpacking seems to complete the model of the future.

''At the moment of the *invention* of time travel, trillions of people will instantly appear.''  - Raziel
This moment of invention is Year 0 and since time is space in the ''future'' it is effectively a kind of Mecca, a *place* that everyone wants to visit, bearing in mind that you can't interfere/interact with anything before this. After a clarification question on the period of time necessary for the proliferation of time travel technology Raziel stated that this doesn't happen. From the moment of invention, all the future is colonized already.  What would it be like to be some random individual in Year 0, with trillions of freakin' time travellers spontaneously materializing and then I assume just enveloping and absorbing our entire culture? Also what would it be like to be the person, or people who ends up inventing it? They think they are going to be famous and then are instantly mobbed!  I think although some people will hold it together and join them, but the vast majority will just go insane and our culture will be over.

What does this future look like where time is treated like space? According to Raziel it looks like the astral plane, the implication being that the astral is the future - this seems to support the temporal entanglement theory of occultism that some of us have been working on.  Raziel was keen to make clear that the there is a not a period of time where new time travellers are staking out claims over various epochs playing out a kind of gold rush over the vast millenia as this is already done.  The structure that subsists in the astral future is based on archetypes and seems to play into a polytheistic reality.  Again like in the present there are vast super voids of uninhabitable time in the future. 

I speculate that universes where time travel is not possible do not cohere at all, time travel provides the pinchpoints, or twists that hold universes together and separate them into three distinct realms - past, present, future. 


  1. Are you suggesting that you're in direct communication with Raziel?

  2. Yes, well I was at that point in my work.

    My first communication with Raziel was part of a general angel summoning experiment in 2001/2002. My group were conjuring the archangels systematically according to their standard attribution to the Sefirot. At that time all I recieved from Raziel was a blunt and direct communication to ''abandon the tarot, and learn the letters of our name.'' This prompted a 5 yr study of the Sefer Yetzirah.

    I began to work with Raziel again when I became part of the Gentlemen for Jupiter around 2010/2011. This lead to an extensive pathwalking where I walked the paths of Dee and Kelley across Europe in order to unlock something in ''myself''. This culminated, quite to my surprise, in being given the keys to the top appartment of the Alchemy Museum in Prague (i.e. Edward Kelley's Tower - now converted to the Moo Hotel) where I lived for a year and continued this work. Most of what you see of the communications from Raziel on this blog regarding time travel were received over a year about 7 metres away from Edward Kelley's Tower.