Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The Quarry of Magic Strange


The visual metaphor of the folded paper stabbed through by the pen has been used by many films, TV shows that have wormholes as part of their conceit.  The dimension traversed by the wormhole is percieved as a heavy darkness, possibly filled with nightmares that may bleed into this reality and which provides a way of bypassing time and an instantaneous bridge for the senses, or the entire physical body - a secondary and orthogonal time dimension, anti-time, the reversiverse and in Stranger Things the Upside Down.


Myself and my sister are both capable of use of this dimension for remote viewing, telepathy etc implying some kind of genetic element - my sister has followed a different route mainly transcendental meditation as opposed to my more formal academic and Qabalistic approach and she is now a professional psychic.  When I was younger, around eleven, I used to imagine creating psychic routes to other people by tunneling through this dimension, implying some kind of solidity to it.  During my archangel work in 2001 Uriel showed me this dimension by opening a portal in the back of my fireplace quite like the scene from Stranger Things where Winona Ryder is smashing a hole in the wall.  Numerous journeys to the astral have featured a highly viscous black gel. This material of anti-time, once quarried, can be hewn and held - important exercises in the Sefer Yetzirah teach us to carve letters from this void and weigh them.  Holding a freshly quarried letter in the mind is a bizarre experience - vision is synaesthetically mixed with feeling or touching the heft and shape of it.  When brought back this nugget of anti-time will create a specific Kingship or impression as it reacts with time and disipates into the phenomena it causes.

In my opinion a lot of the failure to develop psychic abilities falls on the fact that many are trying to develop them or deploy them in the wrong area of the brain, the whole notion of putting two fingers to the temple and willing with the front of the brain is extremely misleading.  You need to use the back of the brain and you need to learn to achieve effects through pulling rather than pushing - pull towards, or pull up (to the astral - like a cable ferry).  This is not disimilar from the more mundane magic of strange attraction be it through altars, sigils, etc they also work by pulling.  The back of the brain i.e. the cerebellum with the pineal being the front of this brain could be considered to be the access to ''11'' and the Will, (Ratzon, Kether) or ''1'' could be said to be the frontal cortex - substantial interference between the two is caused by the ego.  


That Will is abducted and Eleven released in the beginning of Stranger Things is suggestive of the relationship between these two brains.  Often the Will, misguided by the ego interferes with the use of psychic powers - as the seat of executive control it is mainly concerned with stopping or preventing behaviour.  That the psychic needs to be egoless or submit to a higher power is an idea we see throughout esoteric mysteries - for example a medium channeling a spirit needs to empty themselves or a Kabbalist is one who is an empty vessel capable of reception.  In order to achieve this in government funded black operations where the individual prisoner is unwilling to surrender the ego it could be smashed with trauma based mind control in order to unleash this inner Eleven of magic*.  Regrettably the nightmares of those individuals may then bleed into reality.

*This character also speaks to the notion of the Fallen Daughter who lies atop the Shells (Qliphoth).

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