Monday, October 10, 2016

Time Travel - Exploring the Astral Past

Yeah, life originally came from miles of dead parties, decomposed cardboard sequins, rusty noisemakers and mush and sadness. I demonstrate this in a green tank the length of a whole childhood, poisoned fish, I throw everything in there, this balloon. Worlds will come out, bigger than this world. Explode through the drapery and glass, growling in the naked street, shaped like a foot, like a sharp knife, like an ugly doll full of cotton. Whole worlds like those things covered with life we don't see.

Party Balloon, Steven Jesse Bernstein
Last night I couldn't sleep so I astrally projected to (what I think was) the bottom of the ocean attempting to gain answers to the missing pieces of the puzzle regarding the temporal pinchpoint with the past - some of the denizens of the deep being our closest link with the recesses of ancient time. There was a circle of blue light delineating a flat sea bed where a number of worm like deep sea creatures thrashed about in the sand and one hatchet fish like thing, with what seemed to be a human face, communicated something compressed about the astral past.


The communication attempt was a bit of a failure on my part (have you ever tried to talk to a hatchet fish?) but experiences like this make me question the rather banal view of physical reality that most people, even most magicians seem to adhere to.  Why do we even need the physical (world) at all? Why do we need to evoke a difference between a physical reality and a non-physical ''spiritual'' reality?  The only reality that we can guarantee the existence of is the definite maybe of the mental world, the physical world being this massive assumption.  Can we only have a shared mental world, the seeming physical merely being the overlap of our Venn Diagrams of personal consciousness? Science could still work without a ground-level physical reality.  Not that I am a full subscriber but Simulation Theory implies that this universe could be entirely digital - I don't see why these unreachable stars and vast super voids need to be physically ''real'' at all.  We don't need to have every living thing from bacteria up collapsing their quantum realities into infinite parallel universes, the world could be ever so much more claustrophobic than that.

Years ago, like many aspiring magicians I gave up reading fiction.  Once you get hooked on the crack that is non fiction you will struggle to go back. This Earth has been an alien planet, shape shifting many times over the aeons, continents swapping places, sinking and rising, whole styles of life obliterated and restarted.  Combined with the concept of temporal entanglement all that craziness from the deep deep past is here, overlapping with the possibly even more extreme craziness of the future.  History and future history will be, are, and were weird enough, their occupants deliver the full range of the astrally bizarre - we really don't need the astral plane as imagined by theosophists et al, as distinct from the ''physical'', we just need time travel and our shared mental reality of this place we call the Earth.

One final thing to put out there today and this is only a thought, although maybe its a decompression of whatever the hatchet fish was saying, I don't know, but maybe the invention of time travel in the past, the necessary other pinchpoint closing off the temporal museum that is the so-called physical world is in fact the invention of magic. In the hymn to Enlil which has formed part of my practice for the last four years, the stormlord's secrets are said to be a tangled ball of thread which cannot be unravelled.   Since all magic is related to temporal entanglement it is, paradoxically, the very act(s) of magic that has tangled the threads and knotted them in place.  It was this act of free will that paradoxically imprisoned us.  Again I am aware of the flaws in these arguments and I am still not getting to the bedrock in my astral attempts, this is just me flexing things out.

When I die, when I am fully grown, dump it all in the Los Angeles river with the cars and the skulls.

Party Balloon, Steven Jesse Bernstein


  1. That's quite good. I came to a similar conclusion, pondering over the invention of the culture. What I wanted to know is what gaps the animal state to the state of culture - what is the "jump" (as posed by Henri Bergson) that seems to give birth to the basic notions of patriarchy that shaped a center (occupied by a male subject/ego), a margin (women) and the wild chaotic outside of barbarians.
    The myth of a primordial matriarchy is very ancient has an enormous power, and despite the efforts of an entire century of anthropologists trying to demonstrate the complete lack of evidence of such thesis most people hold to this idea obstinately.
    So I long wondered if we weren't mising anything: if another kind of "society" was possible, where power didn't rest with men, but that predated the patriarchal power. Now everywhere the female powers are credited the birth of magick, so peraphs "culture", this crazy symbol game that created a "closed universe" of polarities, could have been born everywhere from females, a sort of primordial female power, threading the very destiny of their people as they did with stalk making baskets. Magick as the power that gives birth to cultures, initially done very intuitivelly as in a kind of "dream logic", and this power that was latter seized (as every myth tells) to unleash a brand new aeon over us, with it's own rituals (and burying the female power - the original power - even deeper).
    Interestingly, this very much mirrors the generation of the subject among an edipian couple, so finely described by psychoanalysis.

  2. I feel we are all groping our way towards some deep realization here even though our words and thoughts are a bit half formed and babbly.

    How about this -have you heard of the theory of the Bicameral Mind? In this theory the ancient self (pre patriarchal self) had no self consciousness but simply followed the orders of an inner voice. Bizarre societies formed because people thought the voice was ''housed'' in their local statue or temple. During this time people were a little more like bees as well.

    Then a great catastrophe shook the world and this bicameral mind converted to one where people couldn't hear this voice anymore and followed their own will - in some ways this shift in consciousness could have been the birth of magic (and therefore the act of free will, rising up against the masters, breaking the time streams etc that then paradoxically has to be locked in order to prevent anyone messing with it).

    What Raziel seems to be positing is that this present reality (stretching from maybe as much as a 1,000,000 BC to as close as 1500BC until the invention of ''time travel'' in the future) is protected because nothing can happen to it because if you were to alter the events of it then you could change the invention of time travel but in exchange for this ''sacrifice'' our past and future become astral and absolutely free in the What Dreams May Come sense.

    Adding to this Knowledge of these other worlds of the astral past and future is interspersed through the culture with prophets and ''magicians'' but these people and all their acts would have to have been predetermined. Those people could in some senses be acting as wormholes access points to the astral past and future for ''spirits''

    As I have said previously I think the notion of a spiritual reality is unncessary multiplication. I think nearly all spirits and elementals can be considered ''ghosts'' in that they originate/dwell in the past and that angels, which are experientially very different from other spirits could quite easily be AI timetravellers from the future.

    Ok moment of clarity there then it got a bit babbly again.