Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Time Travel - Fourteen Minotaurs

Not only have I imagined these games, I have also meditated on the house.  All parts of the house are repeated many times, any place is another place.  There is no one pool, manger or drinking trough; the mangers, drinking troughs and courtyard pools are fourteen (infinite) in number.  The house is the same size as the world; or rather it is the world.  However, by dint of exhausting the courtyards with pools and the dusty gray stone galleries I have reached the street and seen the Temple of the Axes and the Sea.  I did not understand this til a night vision revealed to me that the seas and temples are also fourteen (infinite) in number.  Everything is repeated many times, fourteen times, but two things in this world only seem to be repeated once: above, the intricate sun; below Asterion.  Perhaps I have created the stars and the sun and this enormous house, but I no longer remember.

The House of Asterion, Jorge Luis Borges

According to Raziel there are not an infinite variety of ''yourselves'' in different timelines only 14 variations. The vast majority of timelines and versions of you do not cohere and are effectively dead or non-existent - much like the vastness of space is mostly supervoid.  The 14 variations of you that survive have preexisting histories and you cannot change any of what happens to them - they are your 14 personal fates.  What you can do is, at certain moments in your life, use a branching moment to swap between them - like you can change tramlines but not drive the tram as you wish. Although people often think magick is about creating new realities from infinity it is really about changing tracks in a much smaller ''world''.

The 14 variations are based on the 7 planetary kingships and their 7 inverses:

  • Wisdom vs Idiocy (Saturn)
  • Wealth vs Poverty (Jupiter)
  • Fertility vs Infertility (Mars)
  • Health vs Illness (Sol)
  • Power vs Slavery (Venus)
  • Peace vs War (Mercury)
  • Beauty vs Ugliness (Luna)

They exist because they are woven out of the very fabric of story itself.*  What that means right now is that you are one of these archetypal 14 - the healthy one, the poor one, etc - and although we are all at any moment a ratio of all 14 principles, one will be king.  To some extent you are free to form an opinion on these worldly conditions - some find misery in riches, some find strength and art in the adversity of illness, etc.  The poor and sick have their adventures and their contributions to the story are as vital and valid as those of the rich and powerful.  Some choose the poor line for monkish reasons, others for revolutionary ones.  If you are unhappy with the story of your life you can change tracks to another one.

The lines are effectively woven out of a median self, an ''average'' version of you that does not exist in any of the 14 but only ''mathematically'' - for example the rich and poor versions will only be relative to this median self, for some it may be the difference between lower middle class and upper middle class or for some there may be a true rags to riches story and vice versa.

The lines are joined by robust branching moments and the way these moments manifest are significant events, which are preceded by synchronicities.  As you approach a significant event, and therefore a chance to change lines, you will notice an uptick in the number of synchronicities.  As you recede from the event this number will decrease - think the Doppler Effect but applied to timelines.**  The vast majority of yes/no decisions in any given moment aggregate towards the same robust branching moments.


In practising planetary magic what you are actually doing is noticing the moments to change planetary tracks and then steadying yourself on that track so you don't inadvertently swap back to another track.  For example, ''Jupiter magic'' will guide you to the wealth line and then more proactive Jupiter magic will maintain you on that track.  Although there are 14 versions of ''you'' and therefore ''you'' are still trapped by Fate, there are many different routes through them.

Although discussing Fate in this way and our very limited abilities to choose our own adventure may sound ''doomy'' in reality it is central to the way in which Zeus slays Cronus.  By embracing a ''4D'' block time perspective as opposed to a ''3D'' linear time perspective the God of Lightning (massless time travelling light) slays the God of Time (perishable ''linear'' matter).  If you are questioning what you should do next, or why you are here, what the planets are doing is realising the confounding infinity of the chaos of the universe (most of which is dead, uninhabitable or ''unrealisable'') into these 14 navigable beams which ''cohere'' because they are based on the fundamental principles of story and produce our archetypal selves.  If health is important to you then you contact Sol, if wisdom is important then Saturn, if beauty then Luna.

What will my redeemer be like?  I ask myself.  Will he be a bull or a man? Will he perhaps be a bull with the face of a man?  Or will he be like me?

The House of Asterion, Jorge Luis Borges

*All of these stories also culminate in the invention of time travel which is why they cohere in the first place.
**This is important when navigating time via synchronicities.  If you are focused on the synchronicities themselves as opposed to their frequency or the significant event they are indicating you can miss opportunities to change lines.

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  1. I am about to enter a Jupiter return in my cycle.
    Stumbled (synced) into this article and seems more of these little events are happening.
    Thank you for the article and your blog.