Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Time Travel - Alice in Superposition

As I was discussing previously the Alice synchronicities I experienced the other day would have indicated a significant Alice event in the near future and this event, like all robust branching moments, would be significant enough to enable one to change track between the Fourteen Minotaurs.  So lo and behold my cinematic debut was this week in a scene that I had quite forgotten filming towards the end of the new movie Unlocked with Noomi Rapace, Orlando Bloom, John Malkovich and Michael Douglas.  I have been in a few tv shows and am the principle antagonist in a hotly anticipated video game but I had not made it to the big screen thus far. I have about 15 seconds screen time and my line is, appropriately, Alice this is for you.

If the future does not already exist and magic, as it is commonly understood, is genuine then I will have been using Alice symbols throughout my life in order to influence probability and induce Alice-related events like the above - to steer me onto a hand-crafted beneficent Alice track out of all the infinite possibilities that the future holds.  If the future does already exist then these Alice symbols are already ahead of me and behind me in my block time line and are temporally entangled forming a kind of Super Alice.  Cellular Consciousness, as it is, has practical applications whether looking at reality from a 3D matter based perspective or a 5D mind based perspective and although I understood how to run and return between these states I was aware that what I was running through was 4D. Through a series of experiments while living at Edward Kelley's Tower and through complementary esoteric work afterwards I have been groping my way towards an understanding of time travel and temporal entanglement leading to a comprehension of Super Cellular Consciousness and hopefully not insanity and death.

Often when we confront the notion of the future from a Presentist perspective (that only the present exists) we get the idea that there are infinite possible universes branching off every moment and although this feels liberating its actually fairly delusional and aggrandising.  Who can collapse a reality into a different branch with their decisions?  Humans?  Cats?  Lower life forms?  Microbes?  Are all the bacteria, fungus and parasites residing in human bodies all collapsing different reality tunnels with their decisions?  That seems ludicrous and, after reflection, so does my own capacity for making decisions in the first place.

Raziel suggests that only those universes where time travel is invented cohere and this reduces infinity, mostly hyper-dead, to an unspeakably huge but still finite number of surviving coherent realisable universes. Using a kind of anthropic principle you and your future(s) exist in one of these timelines and that instead of an infinite choice in the opportunity of any given moment you only really have two, accept or decline. Most of these decisions aggregrate into you following the same path so it doesn't matter if in a series of moments you say yes yes yes or no no no you are still heading towards the end of a linear predetermined experience.  Only at certain moments can you truly branch off into one of your alternate selves, these alternate selves also existing in timelines that culminate in time travel, the invention of time travel being defined as the death of language .

I started thinking about my genuine freedom in any given conversation and how likely I am to deviate from my lines and I realised that it was extremely unlikely.  Bearing in mind my established character and social conventions it is rare that I will stray too far from the path because often the consequences of doing so at an inopportune moment are very brutal - divorce, being sacked, getting arrested or killed, etc.  Lets say my boss wants me to do something and whether I am compliant or I resist I probably still have to do the thing in the end regardless.  Some introverts, over-represented in our community compared to the general population, really weigh everything they say because they think these individual yes and nos stockpile over time but the truth is that most people, including your boss, forget the details of the transactions within a few days and the only thing that lasts is whether the thing was done or not.  The fact that the introvert weighs everything is simply built into their established character and therefore their pre-existing script.


I just want to put a note in here, for myself more than anyone else, that the de-synchronous effects outlined in this post did happen yesterday - some days after the robust branching moment of Alice in Superposition.  The de-synchronous always has something of the time ghost to it and this time it was an ex-girlfriend and an ex-primary school teacher getting in touch with me.  

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