Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The 231 Gates Project 2018 - Working Definitions and Important Archives

Leonard - This is Hot Tub Time Machine all over again.  Look if future Biff goes back to 2015 after he gives young Biff the almanac, he could get back to the 2015 with Marty and Doc in it, because it wasn't until his 22nd birthday that he placed his first bet.
Sheldon - But whoa whoa is placed right?
Leonard - What do you mean?
Sheldon - Is placed the right tense for something that would have happened in the future of a past that was affected by something from the future?
Leonard - Had will have placed?
Sheldon - That's my boy.

Big Bang Theory, Series 8 Episode 5

The following is a set of principles which will form the current working definition for the 2018 231 Gates Project although this will change as I acquire more information from various sources.
  • Magick rituals intended to contact entities or produce results are preexisting events that served to entangle their operators in two or more distinct points in time  
  • Synchronicities and desynchronicities were evidence of the temporal entanglement increasing as you approached the ritual and decreasing as you left it behind, like mass warps space-time 
  • During the moment of entanglement there was an information or energy exchange which fuelled the experiences and results on both sides
  • All time happened at the same time, there was no before or after, or one spirit in the past and one in the future, but both entities engaged simultaneously in the ritual experience - willingly or otherwise
  • Seen from a global perspective magickal rituals were one of the ways to describe the mass entanglement of all sentient beings
  • This universe is a determined sandbox pocket universe with finite but repeatable time which only has a few alternate paths through it, tied together by the invention of time travel
  • The only surviving universes are ones where time travel was invented, this serves to tie together that universe with its reversiverse at temporal pinchpoints
  • The vast majority of so-called ''infinite possibilities'' are dead, uninhabitable or otherwise un-realisable
  • You only have access to a few timelines where you exist, rituals produced robust branching moments where it was possible to change from one timeline to another like tramlines
  • Small decisions of yes or no, left or right, etc aggregate towards the same conclusion and keep you on the path until the next branching moment, during this pathwalking there is no genuine free will 
  • There is no spiritual otherworld where spirits live, all beings are spread throughout time
  • All ''spiritual beings'' share DNA and all existed at some point in the timeline, DNA is the root through which temporal entanglement occurred, the ''tangled threads''
  • Contact with the dead (or spirits that were originally real people) is contact with the living
  • Contact with ''elementals'' is the result of entanglement with entities living in the deep past, contact with angels is the result of entanglement with entities from the far future 
  • The Astral Plane is the reversiverse, a trans-temporal river of ''memory'', subject to extreme distortion, that allows you to move out of time and observe another period of time; the ''Bloodstream of Time''

Below is a list of all relevant material from the Hermetic Lessons regarding time travel undertaken over the last few years by myself or under the guidance of Raziel.  Over the next year I will be working to sort through this material and fashion it into some kind of ''paper'' and work with various entities to fill in the gaps, complete experimental data. The first two links are a little bit of the backstory as to how ''we'' got here and how it ties into the Qabalistic work with Sefer Yetzirah and the experiences at Edward Kelley's Tower.

The following are explorations of the dialogues with Raziel about the mechanics and structures of time travel, how and why it works, and why it is necessary.  Some of this material is the ''compressed'' info from Raziel, some is my attempt to ''unpack'' it.

These are posts relevant to the 231 Gates Project for 2018 on temporal entanglement as a unifying explanation for esoteric phenomena particularly on contact with so-called ''spirits''.

Miscellaneous posts musing on the intersection between an Eternalist perspective and common features of the discussion and experiments about magick - the astral plane, ''boons'', synchroncities, etc - and how Eternalism can have more explanatory force than ''unexamined probabilitism''.  Some of this material overlaps with work on the Metabolism of Time. 

A few examples of attempting to explain magickal results from an eternalist perspective with a view to temporal entanglement.

Blogger does not really structure the information in a searchable way so this is for my own use as much as readers of the Hermetic Lessons who wish to review or recap before following the 231 Gates Project for 2018.


  1. Hi
    elsewhere, I stumbled on your words recently:

    "I have a temporal entanglement theory of magic, which would probably be considered a theory of anti-magic from people who are still trapped in ''free will'', ego and linear time. Effectively in this theory there is no distinction between Gods, spirits, other entities, there is no otherworld behind a veil, we are all beings entangled with each other through time, time is the veil. People conjuring Osiris, are entangling/entangled with either a) the actual person Osiris and/or b) his ''dreams''. Most spirits were originally people at some point so in this theory you are not communicating with the dead in the underworld you are communicating with the living across time."

    I find this so refreshing.
    I have a similar view, though after reading your blog posts, have come to it from a very different backdrop.
    In the spirit of sharing, would you be interested in bouncing ideas off each other, via email?
    I can be contacted at wattlebird88 at symbol gmail dot com

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  3. Hi Jay, I am happy to discuss via email but I can also comment on the blog if you want to make the conversation more public. If you have any specific questions, fire away and I'll try to get back to you within a reasonable time frame.