Monday, February 26, 2018

Quick Quick Slow Month

I haven't been writing as much in February as the month has been extremely busy for me.  Firstly a lot of old ''Jupiter Magic'' came to fruition in the sense that many of the projects I had been involved with as an actor were released at the same time.  I had my Czech TV debut (CT1 equivalent of BBC1) in the film Divka za Zrcadlem (The Girl behind the Mirror) where I play an MI6 agent and also my gaming debut in the much anticipated RPG Kingdom Come where I play Istvan Toth.  The two releases are magickally interesting for different reasons The Girl Behind the Mirror being quite clearly part of the Alice Entanglement and the second being a very precise ''hit'' for the Jupiter Current (where ''When Kingdoms Come'' is the motto of the Gentlemen for Jupiter - my character even wears a navy blue jacket).   Secondly I have finished the sequel to my sellout Lovecraft - The Musical and where the first was about the Dagon/Innsmouth/Devils Reef stories, the sequel is a merger of Reanimator with Call of Cthulhu.  Through this work the Enki/Enlil ''situation'' is beginning to raise its head again and I can't help but thinking the Merman/Mermaid, Orangepocalypse being discussed by the Secret Sun blog over the last several months isn't actually an Enki ritual (to my mind this would reconcile the obvious Mercurial imagery and colour references with the idea of half men half fish i.e. the Apkallu who serve Enki).  I am planning to launch the play towards the end of April but now I have finished it my writing energy can return to the blog again in March.

My most interesting experience with Occulture during this particularly dry month was when JSK acknowledged there might be something to the notion that spirits are (enhanced) material beings but sadly he didn't go any further in that discussion.  The Temporal Entanglement model explored here would imply that ''spirits'' are indeed ''material'' beings but we just need to understand matter, especially its ability to entangle with itself through time, more completely.  Other than that Occulture is the same old merry go round where everyone stays on their same safe topics and no-one takes on anything challenging either for fear of looking out of their depth, fear of hysterical reprisal, or just because of their complete lack of capacity or interest.  The ''Sorcerers'' continue to talk about various historical details/nuances (and rarely their actual results and experiences) while ''Hermetics'' continue to insist that their magick is making them ''better people''.  And everyone continues to talk about how important it is to pray to Grandma.

In terms of the de ja vu thought experiments for the 231 Gates Project and enhancing my wizardly time sliding abilities, its been more of the same although very briefly the other day I seemed to co-locate (?) with another time period as suddenly everyone around me looked like they had stepped out of a Renaissance painting - either that or I was hallucinating, which is entirely possible!  This hallucination (?) seems to build on the hollowing out or emptying, I mentioned from the first runs of the experiment...  Along these lines I was also experimenting on my cat to see if there were any other observers in there (time travellers) - talking to it as if I would to another human, trying to explain the science of weather and pressure, and asking whoever was inside (?) to respond in a set series of abnormal blinks to see if they understood/already knew.  Well anyway that was a weird experience and I highly recommend it - its a great way of deepening both wonder for all life/manifestation and intensifying paranoia along the same lines!

One final note, I was playing a bit of City Skylines over the past month and reflecting on how the traffic flows like blood taking energy and information into the ''cells'' of the residences, offices, commercial buildings, industry etc - which is part of my cellular consciousness model.  I shifted from playing strategy games to playing these type of management games as in my business and professional life there isn't so much competition at the moment its all about maintaining good flow.  But after playing I find it very difficult to sleep as my brain keeps attempting to solve traffic problems in my mind and I have this overview of the city burned into my retinas with weirdly mesmeric traffic going around roundabouts that just keeps me awake.  And then, suddenly, I am remote viewing someone.  Its like there is this moment where I suddenly go from being above my ''simcity'' to being above my actual city and just swoop down (zoom in) on someone's appartment and enter it.  I remote view them for a moment and then fall asleep/pass out.  This could be more hallucinations but I thought I would mention it as its a bizarre ''bridge'' to me from one state of mind to the other and not a traditional aide in such work.

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  1. Always enjoy reading your thoughts on magic and time! - they resonate deeply with my own.

    I used to design video games, and played a great deal when I was younger. The imagery and mechanics of gaming has always been a powerful part of my imaginary/astral/magical life (beginning with a prophetic & useful dream about a BBC Micro program when I was 6 or so), used with intent and less consciously too, just part of my language now. It is a really great metaphor.

    It feels as though as a culture we are externalising, materialising, making manifest or 'bringing forth' into attention things that were heretofore 'spiritual'. Games, films, VR, the promise of robotics and immortal trans-human bodies are all a part of that. Looking at things from different angles. Sooner or later the matter (how things are made) won't matter...

    The physical world, the way we move in it and think in it is like an object oriented programming language, with it's under-layering of machine code. Move this to achieve that. Joyous play, until we get mad at the game, or the tower tumbles, our playmates forget to share, that takes the fun out of it...

    Best wishes, M