Wednesday, July 15, 2020

2020 - The Year of Lilith, The Green Phase I, The Washing Up

If blood will flow when flesh and steel are one,
Drying in the colour of the evening sun,
Tomorrow's rains will wash the stains away,
But something in our mind's will always stay,
Perhaps this final act was meant,
To clinch a lifetime's argument,
That nothing comes from violence
And nothing ever could

Fragile, Sting



Naya Rivera, the Glee Star who drowned last week, means ''New Riverbank.''  Although I am not denying the suggestions of her death being part of a cleaning out potential witnesses operation I do think its curious that this is a significant water event with a very watery name.  Lake Piru derives its name from the Shoshonean pí idhu-ku meaning ''grass, plant''.  Lake Grass?  Lake Green?  New Riverbank Drowns in Green Lake.  You see?


Recently Japan had to ask one million people to evacuate ahead of torrential rain, this was followed in short order by rains and flooding that are affecting nearly 40 million people in China.  Why would rain contribute to the Great Degreening - wouldn't that be the green water element quarter in overdrive not underdrive, ''forwards'' and not inverted?  Just like fires, floods are also a degreening force, an aspect of Lilith the lawnmower man, as they wash away nutrient rich topsoil. Within a week of a flooding event the mosquito (and other parts of the crawling chaos) populations can explode; forcing flooding evacuees together can also help to spread Lilifluenza, COVID-19; farmers describe moonscapes where once fertile fields stood.  Counter-intuitively floods can also lead to drought because they alter the shape of riverbeds and create cracks where they were none before.These rain events and the others that will accompany them over the rest of the Green Phase are continuing to lay the foundation for a terrible terrible Fall.  The constant flooding, the feeling of being cold and damp, of your possessions being ruined also contributes to the deflating Green Lion, its difficult to maintain anger when you are soaked through.


We've been talking for a while now about the Green Phase and how it will inevitably tie in with the Great Degreening, or Great Green Disappointment - as the guiding force behind this operation is a desire to empty people out, to make them into hopeless, (digitally) malleable husks. In the last few phases I cautioned environmental optimists that they were next on the chopping block (by optimists I meant that they believe in the power of the human spirit to remake our world a paradise).  Under a day ago, Pearl Greta Thunberg posted the image above regarding the accusations/associations of eco-terrorism that are ongoing in the Philippines right now bringing that prediction into sharp relief.  Although criminalising environmental movements has been ''on the burner'' in many countries for a while now we see this attempt to raise awareness early in the Green Phase.  If you look at the way the image is constructed this is also priming for radical people in various movements who may think eco-terrorism is now necessary, or signalling for sleeper agents ensconced within them. Technically speaking though Greta, you are a terra-rist, just like I am an eso-terra-cist!  Get it?  Ha!


Governments put green recovery ''on the back-burner'' according to the Guardian - were the cries for green-washing simply window dressing propaganda for a society and elite that have no intention of going through with the necessary changes to save the planet - well without short-term geo-engineering?  I think a Green Revolution is inevitable at some point very soon but what geo-engineering will do is buy the economy time to shift away from fossil fuels and into green energy while maintaining the same power hierarchy (public subsidised private green energy), controlling the narrative and avoiding extreme economic disruption.  Trying to explain to young or idealistic people why you can't just switch off the oil without utterly destroying society is difficult but ultimately this is why geo-engineering of a form is a given at this point - whether it works or not remains to be seen.  Also trying to explain that green energy should be owned by the public seems insanely difficult like teaching a dog to do card tricks.  A washed out, exhausted population is going to have even more limited capability to make this argument - the most essential argument we have ever faced as a species and even more pressing than who is going to do the washing up tonight - Naya Rivera? - I think she did it last night.

On and on the rain will fall,
Like tears from a star
Like tears from a star
On and on the rain will say
How fragile we are
How fragile we are

Fragile, Sting


  1. With Macron accosted by gilets jaune on Bastille Day and the Nantes Cathedral fire, did we skip straight to citrine???

  2. These events seem too small but I think they are there to keep it in the mind to prepare for Citrine. Remember there need to be ''lead-ins.''

    Look at how many stories are coming out of Russia (North) at the moment by proportion!


    And the above is eco-terrorist priming, I think

  4. Strangely enough Blogos, the "Dreamstone" featured in "Wonder Woman 1984" (coming out in movie theaters "soon") is said to be identical, precisely, to a CITRINE crystal (I now realize they even show it briefly in the trailer, when the main villain sits down at a desk and says "Now it's time to get what I want"). The CITRINE/Dreamstone makes people's wishes come true, but it belongs to the "God of Lies". Hope this tidbit of info helps.

    BTW, even though this is my first time posting, I always read your articles. I'm sure many people do as well without necessarily posting.

    1. Thanks JB. I'll reply to the thrust of this in the next comment. I'd rather keep the esoteric level here a bit more demanding and get readers who are willing to stretch themselves rather than dumb it down and I am very willing to shed audience for that. I'm a theatre guy as well so I am still comparing my audience to stage shows I've done and I am therefore very comfortable with numbers :-)

  5. Also, Wonder Woman being Athena (in so many ways), she is also Lilith, her father Zeus being Satan. Why? In early, primitive Greek religion, Zeus was depicted as a serpent, often a giant, bearded serpent, and in the Book of Revelations, the Altar of Zeus in Pergamon is called "the Throne of Satan". Jesus in the Gospels even compares Satan to "lightning falling from Heaven", Zeus' attribute.

    Wonder Woman = Athena, daughter of Zeus = Lilith, "daughter" of Satan, since she turned her back to God and embraced Satan as her new "Father".

    As for other aspects of the upcoming WW 1984 flick having to do with the colour yellow/citrine, the secondary villain is Cheetah, all yellow (with black spots), and WW's golden lasso is bright yellow, of course. Finally, it cannot be a coincidence that the literal citrine plot device is called the DREAMstone, since the colour yellow of Malkuth (if I am not mistaken) is the closest to Yesod, the Dream World.

    1. Hi JB exactly right on production design in Wonderwoman (release date right at start of Yellow (Citrine) Phase) and once you know this unifying theory it is very difficult to un-know it. The whole production design is dripping in the yellow palette and when she appears in citrine battle armour at the end, I did laugh out loud. One of the best things about this theory is that it is very very easy to back check it by watching the movies of the last decade and then to confirm it through the trailers of what's coming. It's been very clear to me for a long while now. It also confirms a 10 year plan and suggests that they don't think the world is flipping over anytime soon IMHO.

      Ok getting on to the even more detailed aspects i.e. the path-walking beyond the Sefiroth/Qliphoth themselves, you are almost certainly right that this movie will be connecting to/make connections to Yesod to bridge from 2020 - 2021 - perhaps via an ''anti-Universe'' path. Let me explain.

      For comparison take Mandy a 2018 film with a very purply pinky Yesodian hallunciatory astral planey Moony goddessy flavour like so many other movies/songs of 2018. Then compare to ''Colour out of Space'' 2019 - it begins with a ritual to the quarters by the daughter (i.e. establishing this as a Malkuthian film) and is about the farm (Malkuth) and Nature (Malkuth) being warped by very similar purple/pink light energy (Yesod). Zoomed in what this film is actually doing is the Pathwalking for Yesod - Malkuth (compare to Annihilation 2018 which has pathwalking for Tifereth - Yesod). This path between Yesod and Malkuth is called ''The Universe'' in Crowleyean speak i.e. ''The Colour Out of Space''.

      Mad Max is a great one to study to see how they are embedding pathwalking in their more sophisticated pieces.

      The Lilith/Athena problem is more difficult for me to navigate in comments section but thanks for bringing my attention to it. What I will say is it is worth investigating the Gorgoneion and compare it to something like a Mesopotamian Demon Incantation Bowl.

    2. Sorry I should have added for clarity - Colour Out of Space is from ''the Producers of Mandy'' where Mandy (2018) was the ''to Malkuth'' path-walking *for* Yesod, Colour Out of Space (2019) was the ''to Yesod'' path-walking for Malkuth. Both are ''the Universe'' or World card. I have an article on these coming up if you're interested.