Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Enlil - Revelation

During the course of working the Jupiter current with the G4J, Enlil has endeavoured to communicate with me in various different ways.  One pathwalking* resulted in going to see a play about chaos magic called Alchemysta in the Theatre on Kampa in Prague (dedicated to Dee's Monas Hieroglyphica) whilst a thunderless storm cloud flashing lightning gathered overhead.  Though there was no thunder I heard a distinct rumbling voice in my mind - 'Remember my Father' it said.  I took this to mean Anu.

Revelations were thick and fast.  I wrote a call to Enlil which featured an eagle and immediatly after finishing writing sat down to lunch with my partner and a bird of prey sat on the rooftop opposite watching us.  I figured Enlil had commandeered the closest thing to an eagle available.  Once I wrote to him in the form of the raven and quite by chance by partner brought a beautiful model raven home with her (which now sits on the altar).

One revelation, perhaps the most important to my own work with the Tree of Life as 'Rivers of Time' was the revelation that the Tigris-Euphrates rivers were what the Tree of Life was based upon.

Compare the images.  Note how the absence of Daath creates the larger 'northern' region as opposed to the smaller southern region of the bowing in and out of the rivers, and also note how Babylon lies at Tifereth.  I checked with Jacobus Swart and he could not recall any references to this in the Qabalah, nor could I find any others.  If anyone can cite an early understanding of the relationship between the ToL and the Tigris-Euphrates region please let me know.  Imagine now the road system which would have linked the ancient cities along these rivers and one has the ToL and its paths.  It makes you look at the expression the map is not the territory in a different way, at least it made me do that!

*Pathwalking to me is not about a guided meditation or visualization.  It is a form of theurgy where a gate is opened in the 'material' world (which is only experienced through consciousness) and one walks the path of the letter, a path in the real replete with symbols, events and encounters that provide insight into the nature of the path.  Since Gimel rules the planet Jupiter (Kircher is a corruption of the Tree of Life, the doubles should be arranged with the planets in the Chaldean order thus B- Saturn, G - Jupiter, D - Mars, etc) I have been particularly focussed on the Gimel path during the course of my interaction with the G4J (G hard Gimel, 4 Chesed, J Soft Gimel).

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