Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Raziel - The Sefer Yetzirah Study

Eleven years ago I was part of a group which took it upon themselves to summon the Archangels of the Sefiroth and converse with them on their nature and the nature of the universe.  We called upon them in turn, Gabriel, Rafael, Michael, Uriel and others such as Sandalphon and Haniel all of them revealing mystical truths about our spiritual identity and purpose.  Finally we called upon Raziel.  I can only recount what happened to me.  A presence manifested immediatly and it seemed intent on communicating quickly - not that it wanted to leave but certainly that it felt time mattered.
'How can you attempt to understand our nature without understanding the letters that make up our name?  Abandon the other arts, study the letters.'

This message, a clear invitation to explore this being, the Secrets of God, in its entirety for the letters of this Alefbeit of my study were not only letters but magical sigils.  They were the essence of the Torah, and the Tree of Life.

Eleven years later, as a result of and in the aftermath of that study, I stand in Prague - city of Hermetic splendour and quite literally the Threshold.

What does this name Raziel mean?  Alef, Lamed - AL - 'God', 'The' - Alef, Ox as the breath wind of exertion, the force that holds and folds manifestation, and Lamed, Ox Goad, the 'Heart that Loves Knowledge', that drives and directs this breath.  Directed Force.  The control of breathing.  An Intelligence, and the self-same Intelligence from whose lungs pour forth the angels in vast sentences.  El, Eli, Ellil, Enlil - the Lord of all Breath. 

And what is this Yud that accompanies the wind? - this is the pollen, the seed, for Enlil gave us the pickax to work this field that the breeze of love fertilizes! Here then in IAL is contained at least the secret of the agriculture of cereal crops!

Resh signifies Mercury /Communication  and Zayin signifies Gemini.  The structure of this 'secret' was a communication between two across the divide, in this case the Microcosm and the Macrocosm, Zeir Anpin and Arikh Anpin, the egoself and the larger mind.  It was to be a dialogue with Beyond.

I was about to let myself in on what I already knew.

**Letter attributions to planets used in this blog will vary to some extent from Kircher Tree versions as the Kircher Tree is a corruption of the Tree of Life.  The following will be used.

A - Air, M - Water, Sh - Fire (same as Kircher)
B - Saturn, G - Jupiter, D - Mars, K - Sol, P - Venus, R - Mercury, Th - Moon (diff from Kircher, this order is based on the standard Chaldean order)
H - Q in natural array from Alefbeit with Aries - Pisces natural array from Zodiac (same as Kircher)

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