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Metabolism VI - Processes, the Conflux

In order to sustain its existence Feelix and the Conflux are involved in a number of processes.


FLUX - For a conflux to remain in existence there must be a continuous flow through it.  Time must flow, as must energy in the form of nutrition, but more importantly in the case of our existence as social animals information or 'attention' must flow.  Attention, positive and negative, is a form of nutrition which is necessary for the maintainence of character and personality.  Throughout the day the actions we take meet with the approval or criticism of those around us - whether it be in the completing of physical tasks or the making of jokes.  Different types of physiognomical characters require different types or amounts of attention and typically when someone recieves too much positive attention they will personally seek out negative attention to counterbalance it.  There are some situations where the character cannnot restore the balance and in these cases the overload of positive or negative attention can lead to a warping or fragmenting effect (rifts) on the healthy individual - these are cases of abuse, and abuse can come in both positive and negative forms.


SHARDS- Shards are moments of concentrated meaning - intense memories that can be fed upon when the flow of attention through the cell is running low.  If Feelix is not receiving attention, it can free up some stored attention from the memories they have in the same way you can survive by burning fat deposits.  Some people can make the stored attention in memories last longer than others, some actively engage in intense experiences to create them for the purposes of storage and later use - this relates to the Metabolism of Time diagram, the physiognomical characters and their accompanying natural behaviours.  Creating too many shards can lead to inflexibility in the 'cell membrane' - the third sphere of consciousness, the sphere of thought.


RIFTS - Receiving too much attention, or food, can cause rifts - dangerous breaches in the integrity of the cell and which allow potentially harmful entities to enter.  In real terms over exposure to positive or negative attention causes the Conflux and Feelix with it to break apart.  Attention that causes rifts is abuse - be it  positive or negative.  Some Rifts result in the warping of the expressed personality (the mask), some can actually fragment the mind altogether but most are typically repaired by the Conflux and whatever 'entities' have entered are disposed of.


VEIL - The process of recycling 'flux' causes damage to the structure of the Conflux, regardless of whether it is excessive or not (e.g. simply breathing causes oxidative damage).  This attrition ultimately results in the extinction of the individual conflux* - the brain and body will eventully die and the Conflux will be popped and returned to the Flux itself.  Increasing the rate of flow of attention will increase the attritive damage caused by it.


COLOUR - Colour is a term applied to the 'background radiation' of existence.  In order for colour to be there, there must be Flux, Shards, Rifts and Veil.  Colour (or story) is what is sustained by the processes of the Conflux.  It is a state that can be experienced by meditating on the self as Feelix (infinite)** as opposed to character (near-infinite) or individual conflux (finite).

*Time itself does not have a beginning and an end (nor does the Metabolism of Time).  Time did not 'start'.  Start is a reference to time, you can't have 'before' time, you can't have 'after' it - Objects *within* time must have a beginning and an end in order that they may be percieved as objects, the same way they must have 'edges'.  Therefore objects are finite, their finity is a necessary quality in their manifestation.  See the post on 'Metabolism - Physiognomy (Pituitary) in the Qabalah section on the meaning of 'B' in Berashith.

**Zurvanism is an extinct branch of Zoroastrianism that has Zurvan, an immortal principle of Time, as the 'one God' and Ahura Mazda and Ahriman as his twin sons.  In many ways the Metabolism of Time outlaid in the book is Zurvanistic.  It postulates The Metabolism of Time itself as immortal in that 'Feelix' is Zurvan, whereas individual confluxes derived from Feelix are mortal in that they are dual, experience good and evil (positive and negative attention), beginning and end - in order that they may be experienced.  To what extent then that you are 'an immortal' is a matter of perspective.  That Time is experienced by Identity is an immortal process - by stripping oneself back to pure identity one can experience colour but one must sacrifice their individual ego in order to do that I am Roger, or I am Peter must be reduced to 'I', Roger or Peter being the ego that is 'ammed' by the I.  That Time is experienced in the ways outlaid in the Metabolism of Time through a series of ten stages is also immortal but those interpretations are influenced by cultural interpretation - 'Character' or 'amming' then is immortal, but the various styles of different characters are not.  Individual human egos such as Peter or Roger are not immortal.

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