Thursday, April 18, 2013

Raziel - Muscles of the Mask

Years ago I performed a working with Raziel, the Secrets of God.  He was adamant that I abandoned the work with the Tarot deck and the Kircher Tree that I had been doing up until then and research the letters of the Alefbeit as they stand alone.  I did this by studying the Sefer Yetzirah for 5 years, using Kaplan's SY in Theory and Practice.  Along the way I performed rites and acts of practical Kabbalah.  I learned to evoke each letter as a Gate and then walk through it along a Path, reading the symbols that I encountered along that path as a dialogue between myself and the heart of the World. My brain became my crystal ball.  I did not do this entirely in the astral imagination.  Most of the times the paths I walked were in the physical*.  Along those paths I learned to listen, to see and to feel on a Secret level.  I also learned to call the letters to manifestation.

During the course of work with the Gentlemen for Jupiter over the last few weeks, Raziel came unbidden to my study in the early hours and requested a 'meeting'.  As I retired to meditation I used a Tzeruf like method of the SY and engraved the letters of Raziel on the astral imagination**.  This worked instantly.  I felt like I was contained within a brass gyroscope contraption like one of those old models of the solar system whirling through space, and engraved into the device, its structures and wheels, were the Secrets - this seemed like a Merkavah of some sort to me.  Sadly I began to interpret this experience about 15 seconds in and the vision journey broke up.  I was exicted by the immediacy of the success though and took this to be a good indicator that Raziel did indeed wish to talk and it wasn't just in my head.

I resolved then to attempt a slightly different method, that of 'carving' the letters out of the imagination.  This is a method I enjoy but I have never been exactly sure as to how it works.  The end result is that the letter forms in full dimensions, it is not written so much as it is sculpted, one can feel its weight and hold it.  As I began the method, Raziel literally just gave a lesson in how this works, since he was already there attempting to 'summon' him again was a little silly. 

I have known for a long time that where one holds ones eyes during vision work affects the vision.  For instance distractions from the ego and the body tend to cause the eyes to drop in their socket, holding the eyes forward increases auditory effects and holding the eyes up in the socket increases the visual quality.  The actual optic nerve to the visual cortex acts as a kind of 'joystick'.  Now bearing in mind that what we experience is the consciousness of the muscle of the eye as opposed to the muscles directly when one gets good at this one can manipulate the consciousness of those muscles *indepedently* to the muscles themselves.

What Raziel taught me during this lesson was that essentially the 'letter' can be 'held' by the facial muscles, or rather the consciousness of the facial muscles.  Weirdly you imagine you are gripping it between your brow and your cheekbones.  If you close your eyes and then scrunch up your face like this you will see and feel this scrunching in the ''dark vision'' of your eyes.  The trick is to take the consciousness of 'feeling' or 'holding' something in these muscles and make it indepedent of the muscles themselves.

I began with Alef and rapidly the form was held by this procedure, once I had used the facial muscles to attain consciousness of 'holdingness' I dropped the actual facial muscle 'scaffolding' and held the form with consciousness itself.  Raziel then told me to breathe into Alef.  The same technique was applied, the breathing I experience is not the direct breathing it is the consciousness of breathing.  Therefore that consciousness once separated from the physical act can be used to do other things.  In this case filling the form of Alef with (the consciousness of) breath. What happened I guess was a little like glass blowing, except the form did not grow as it got filled with breath it began to shift from a stone like grey black to bright white (but not hot).  This produced an intense euphoria.  After this I carved the letters of Raziel's name out and placed them mentally under my pillow, I then had a lucid dream relating to the Gentlemen for Jupiter (which I cannot go into details of here, suffice to say it was very vivid).

n.b. When I was looking for an image of Raziel I ended up on a new-agey type site where it described Raziel - 'Raziel speaks about the DNA within us holds the light codes that access the God Source energy, when we begin to acknowledge that we are of the God Source energy, we change the light codes to activate and become the MerKaBah (Star of David, Vehicle of Light) that changes into the spinning motion and accelerates our Spirituality of the Self into the vibration of creating a new Earth inside of ourselves even before it is manifest into the physical plane of existence.'  Normally I dismiss these websites out of hand as I actually understand DNA but I shouldn't be so mean this is pretty much the experience of the first vision.

*By 'physical' I mean most condensed form of the Mind. The A47 and A4 were two highly memorable paths walked with a variety of letter-Gates.

**Imagine the astral void of swirling colours and pixels like a taut black cloth of many threads and with a sharp (also imaginary!) tool, scratch through that cloth by writing the letters of Raziel's name.  'Light' will come through the slits.


  1. Logan, the technique you're describing is tactile body awareness. Moving your attention to direct the "energy," the stuff that gives letters weight.

    I wanted to ask you, and this is related, what is "divine light" as you think of it? When we talk of creating vessels to contain the divine light, what do you think are the properties and qualities of said light?

  2. Great post! It made me think of a relate dpost by Jacobus Swart on "...'Physiognomy' — the investigation of the proportions of the face and the body; 'Metoposcopy' — a term referring to analyzing the lines on your forehead..."

  3. Hi Paul, I don't want to give a complete answer right now as I am tired but I guess I would think of it as Mental Light (Inner Light). Its properties are pretty much those described by Parmenides when he talks about the One in 'On Nature'. With Machashavah (Thought) as the primal (universal) substrate it makes a lot of sense.

    Hey Simon, many thanks for the comment. I talked to Jacobus about this stuff which he called the Chokmah ha Partzuf. I have been working on my physiognomical systems for years and use them in all kinds of practical kabbalistic ways that I will discuss in future posts. I also talked to him about mapping the ToL over the Tigris-Euphrates region and he said he could not remember a reference to this in the literature. I think its interesting as it came as a direct result of work with 'El'. B'Shalom!

  4. hi,

    Can somebody give me the name of the book or a reference from where the last image, the image of the facial muscles has been taken.