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Earth Altar - 231 Gates, Ispaklariot and Unification

The 231 Gates
''All other prophets looked through nine ispaklariot where Moses looked through only one.'' or ''All other prophets looked through a dull Ispaklaria, while Moses saw through a clear Ispaklaria'' - Talmud and Midrash

  • Ispaklariot are considered to be 'lenses' or 'mirrors' in these passages from the Talmud and Midrash

When conducting a study of the Sefer Yetzirah each of the letters (elements, planets, zodiac signs) was considered* in turn and it seemed that when one worked with Alef then one would experience Alef. Perhaps this Alef would ''materialize'' as actual wind blowing, or a scent on the breeze, or the sudden appearance of a flock of birds overhead.  The idea was formed then that by considering* the letters one was effectively summoning their physical manifestations**.

The alternate idea was rooted in the idea of the Ispaklariot.  Perhaps instead of summoning something new, one was actually obsessing so much over the letter that one was blocking everything else out of perception - i.e. the work with Alef placed an Alef ''filter'' over the senses so only Alef got through.  The letters are all active around us, all the time, though perhaps in greater and lesser concentrations and what we think of as summoning is really observing.  This may be true.  The evidence that the consideration* of a letter causes the manifestation of the letter is equally compelling though and I have attempted to synthesise these ideas throughout the last few years and have indeed commented on this theory before in the blogos.

Pre-initiation folk are essentially bathed in these letters but are not aware of them, or indeed how exactly they blend***'at any given time.  By systematically approaching* each letter we effectively filter out the others and can see only that letter and therefore gain a deeper understanding of it.

If we take this lense theory further then once each letter has been considered, the letters can be put back together into one lense and whilst the pre-initiation folk see effectively nothing of reality, the initiated mind sees it all.

Form substance out of chaos and make nonexistence into existence. Carve great pillars out of air that cannot be grasped. This is the sign: One forsees, transposes, and makes all creation and all words with one Name. And a sign of this: Twenty-two objects in a single body. - Sefer Yetzirah 2:6

As I suggested in the Earth Altar post these 22 objects in a single body are the 22 ''letters'' in the Earth (Aretz).  The principle behind the 231 gates project will be to build 22 ''shrines'' or focal channels for the letters - charge each in material, intermediate and noetic sunthemata**** and then link them together using the 231 gates.  Since this project will take place in the Tower I am assuming something interesting will happen.

From the earlier work it certainly felt that when the letters and their accompanying kingships were being worked that some kind of calibration or tuning of the Soul took place.  For example when working on the Kingship of ''Hearing'' the act of meditating on ''Hearing/Listening" really brought that sense into sharp relief and increased its focus - not that I heard more, but that I heard more fully that which I heard*****.  Considerations of other non-sensory Kingships like ''Anger'' or ''Laughter''' were equally revealing.

The section on 231 gates in Kaplan's SY indicates that this process may have been used to make a golem.  Now what exactly does that mean?  A golem is a clay object brought to life by Ruakh and the letters.  In this way Adam seems to me ''God's****** Golem''.  Since I am a son of Adam I am a Golem too. But one has to ask if your Golem, the Golem that you are is not calibrated are you getting the most out of it?

When I completed the original SY study one of the conclusions was the Saadia Tree of Life I have mentioned before, a diagram which harmonised what I had learned from the study and seemed to me something of a Golem of my own and this Golem seemed to grant great ''power'' - it was a 'sword' that magnified all those swordly******* powers.   But what about this new work?

These 22 Autiot (letters) Yassod (fastened)
(which are the foundation of all things),
Belgalgal (to a turning wheel)
(He arranged upon a sphere)
(on a sphere like a wall with) (like a wheel on a wall)(set them in a wheel, like a kind of wall)by 231 (with 231 gates) - Sefer Yetzirah

Kelley and Loew, Angels and Golems.  Hmmm.

*Contemplated, evoked, invoked, weighed, permuted, probed with, probed from.
****Gregory Shaw ''Theurgy and the Soul.''
*****Just meditating in silence for a bit and then focusing on what you can actually hear can be pretty startling in itself - but think how many pre-initiates wander around hearing nothing but the noise in their own head?
*******Yes swordly - as in Zeir Anpin with pommel in Daath, blade in Malkuth, ExKaliburate yourself, etc.

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