Thursday, February 13, 2014

Trainee Golem Builder - Teaching and Learning


The above image is taken from the Golem Builder blog.  I am reposting it because it is incredibly important as a map of Work.  I encounter many Western magicians who claim to be ''Kabbalistic'', who work with angels whose names are written in Hebrew, or who work with some derivative of the Tree of Life (mainly the erroneous Kircher array) who *have not* done any of the work detailed above - in theory or in practice. I do not claim to have an incredibly detailed knowledge myself but I do recognise this as hugely important and I am working towards the same goals as Golem Builder, if perhaps from different angles.

With the works of Aryeh Kaplan et al, whose beautiful expositions of the Kabbalah are widely available there is no excuse for not at least attempting a study of this kind.  Cultural ignorance in the face of this academic research and the revealed sources that once were hidden wouldn't be tolerated in other areas of occult interest but for some reason it continues to be in Kabbalah.  To continue to promote the error-riddled speculations of the Victorian era, especially when widely respected magicians do it seems criminally insane or even cretinous and the justifications I encounter for it severely test my reason.   Most acknowledge the necessity of a scholarly and historical approach to the subject material of the WMT alongside vigourous practial application and I sincerly hope this is as applied to the Kabbalah as it is to other areas by as many students as possible.

Once you have completed such a study, even a cursory one, you will see clearly where the problems are with the ''Western'' understanding and you will find your work substantially enriched.  I absolutely guarantee that.  One of the things I enjoy most about studying Kabbalah is the humility that comes with recognising that you are a student and working in a collegic atmosphere with other students.  In the WMT I seem to run across many people who project themselves as teachers and feel that because of that they can't admit to gaps in their understanding or knowledge and find it difficult to admit when they are wrong.  Human knowledge is so infinitessimal.  Any so-called teacher who has lost touch with their own inner student is not worth listening to.  Any learner who has stopped learning is not a learner I would want to learn from.

I follow Golembuilder's blog as he is an impressive learner - systematic, organised, goal-oriented, humble, honest about the limits of his own knowledge, open-minded and burning with curiousity.  These are essential traits and there is much there to admire. 

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