Monday, November 10, 2014

Cellular Consciousness and the Metabolism of Time

I have been asked to give a presentation on this subject at a local teahouse as part of a series of ''amazing discussions'' so I thought I would collect my thoughts here.

1. Establish what is meant by Cellular Consciousness.

Cellular Consciousness is a description of consciousness which suggests that our perception of reality is similar to the way in which the nucleus of a cell perceives the cytosol (and ultimately the larger cellular environment) that surrounds it.  My awareness of my physical body is surrounded by my perception of my current physical reality and this takes place somewhere within the larger mind.  Our reality bubbles share a very similar constitution to the reality bubbles of those around us and together we make up a ''tissue of consciousness''.  The physical body is a walking, talking representation of the genetic information that makes it up.

Most people live under the delusion that they are actually perceiving the physical world directly (through their eyes) as opposed to indirectly as a mental hologram of reality that they perceive from somewhere inside their mind.  Although educated people tend to know the truth of this ''reality bubble'' very few live it or indeed know a way how they could live it so they generally forget about it and live as if they are inside looking out.

There are some very interesting phenomena that emerge when we appreciate the true nature of our mental reality as opposed to the delusion of a direct experience of ''physical'' reality.

a) Our cell is contained inside the larger mind so that were we able to penetrate the limits of our perception we would not find the non-perceived physical world but the depths of our subconscious.*

b) We always face forwards.  When you closes your eyes and observe the pixels that make up your perception of the visual cortex (the little flashing dots) and then move the eyes around in the sockets you will notice that you are always looking at the same dots wherever your eyes are held.  This indicates that the dots are remapped to represent the different signals that are coming in from the ''physical'' reality but you are always looking forward at those dots.

c) There is no ''actual'' depth.  There is no movement.  There is no size.  All of these are achieved in an illusory fashion by the remapping.  See above.

d) ''You'' are everywhere present in your environment.

Once these facts are supported by contemplation and experimentation one can begin to extend one's consciousness throughout the ''spheres'' of consciousness.

- the kino-sphere, the sphere that roughly encloses the limits of the physical reach, very much like the Vitruvian man of Da Vinci.    You are able to re-position yourself (or your limbs) within milliseconds within that kino-sphere - you already exist there in potentia.

- the sphere of perception, the sphere that encloses your awareness of your physical body and its kinosphere - including all information from external senses (but mainly hearing and sight) with the possible exception of touch.  Since all perception is being formed from your ''thought-stuff'', your consciousness is already in the places you perceive.

- the sphere of consciousness, the sphere that encloses your mental perception of physical reality including your own body and its physical reach.  To achieve this level of awareness is to attain cellular consciousness and to be able to access the ''cellular membrane'' which like in the cell contains gates that allow ''nutrients''** to enter.

2. Establish what is meant by the Metabolism of Time.

Each individual cell of consciousness is in the process of digesting time, and time is digested according to a simple metabolic pathway.

Although every individual cycles through each of these steps in the metabolic pathway *every moment* - individual moments take on a nature which is particular to a step or steps depending on what happened in it.  For instance if one is being tormented by jealousy one is experiencing moments of either more analysis or more remembering, if one is drunk and partying one may be experiencing moments of either more reaction or more forgetting.

Just like individual moments, individual cells of consciousness also tend to focus on a particular ''type'' of moment and this emphasis characterizes the cell.  For instance there are people who are haunted by their memories, who find it difficult to let go of the past, are consumed by thoughts of vengeance, etc and we can say that ''remembering'' characterizes them.  Conversely there are people who recover from the end of relationships very easily and we could say that ''forgetting'' characterizes them.  Typically individuals fall on ''paths'' between two key concepts rather than specifically on one.

The endocrine system, the network of glands that spreads throughout the body delivering hormonal ''orders'' to the cells overlaps with the above diagram of the metabolism of time e.g. the adrenal glands produce both adrenaline and cortisol, one of the effects of adrenaline is to enhance memory function, one of the effects of cortisol is to impair memory function.  Overabundance of certain hormones, overfunction of certain glands produce physical characteristics in individuals which then allow typing based on those characteristics to occur - think of this as a genetic reboot of medieval physiognomy or the alchemical system of ''humours''.  Together then the host of individual characters make up the ''tissue of consciousness'' and Time is metabolised on a societal level as well as a personal level.  In order to take this any further one has to memorise the concepts above and the specific details of the various characters and their traits both mental and physical.

Any individual encountered in your cell is acting as a representative of their ''gland(s)''.  The action they produce in your consciousness is similar to the action of a hormone from that gland on a cell - thus a ''forgetting'' character associated with the hormone ''cortisol'' may cause stress.  A high adrenaline character, jumpy, tempermental, impatient and quick to violence may cause adrenaline production in the individuals whose ''cellular'' environments they happen to be in.

*This is made possible by the various techniques of lucid dreaming, astral plane exploration so that we (our consciousness) passes through the membrane of our individual cell and enters the ''bloodstream of time''.

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