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Metabolism VIII - Jupiter, Gimel and the Endosomes

The more advanced techniques explored on this site require a working knowledge of the structure of the biological cell and an understanding of how this maps over to the structure of your consciousness. This ''cellular consciousness'' is further enhanced by a knowledge of Practical Kabbalah; the Hebrew Alefbeit connecting to the chromosomes as the ''Letters of Foundation'', in the Sefer Yetzirah or Book of Formation.

I am aware that this material is often considered too advanced for the average student (the actual average level is 101) out there and I understand that it requires knowledge of the QBL and knowledge of cellular biology both of which are rare and rarer yet combined.  I am also aware that often this site ends up being experienced as spiritual titillation of the form ''My genes are magickal!!!'' without many of my readers grasping the details of the system and how to make it work for them.   Yet I must continue with the tranmission of this Wisdom regardless if many of its seeds fall on barren ground for the Archangel Raziel compels me. Bear in mind that for the last few decades various occult researchers and practitioners have been trying to link genetics with Kabbalah, Enochian, the I Ching, etc.  The details of the system explained on the Blogos provide that link.

Since I am a Gentlemen of Jupiter I thought I would focus today on that planet and its biochemical and Kabbalistic aspects in light of the larger system of Cellular Consciousness.  In the last metabolism post we focused on the Cellular Membrane which corresponds to Saturn and how one can ''use'' it - the next planet down in the Chaldean order is Jupiter, associated with the Endosomes.

In the corrected system of Kabbalistic attributions Gimel (the camel caravans) as the 2nd letter of the doubles is associated with the 2nd planet of the Chaldean order.  Gimel as the ''rich man that runs to give to the poor'' is associated with the Kabbalistic kingship of Wealth.  The path of ''Wealth'' runs between the Sefira of Chokmah, Wisdom and the Sefira of Chesed or Loving-Kindness.  We have clear direction here - Charity, Generosity, Giving, Philanthropy - this is what Gimel is asking of us. The double letter can be pronounced in a hard or soft fashion G or J, thus G4J the acronym for our group is a composite of both forms of Gimel with the numerical value of Chesed between them. In Kaplan's SY we observe that the hard form can bring about the opposite of the Kingship - poverty - while the soft forms bring the positive Wealth.  The pronunciation of G4J though is Gee for Jay both of these consitute the soft, positive form*.

Obviously ''wealth'' does not necessarily mean cold hard cash - the kingship of Wealth (and the corresponding duty of Charity) is seen to run between Wisdom and Love.  Wealth can in this sense mean the combination of Loving Wisdom and I interpret this to mean ''Strategic Charity.''  Regardless of how many people call for universal wealth redistribution we know that in the vast majority of cases that transferred wealth will be wasted or will actually contribute to the problematic state of the individual in need (think about giving money to someone on the street who then fuels an addiction with your charity) - simply throwing money at a problem will not make it go away.  Charity needs to be strategic and targetted to solving a particular problem - or even enhancing a particular part of the local ecomony that will have knock-on positive effects.  Whatever your chosen charity is in order for it to be Kabbalistic you need to have *personal involvement* with it.

In Gimel we also see the important Kabbalistic idea of giving, and reciprocity - the idea is that one is a vessel that ''God'' gives to, and that you in turn will give of yourself.  This idea of giving is absolutely essential to understanding Jupiter's influence on your life.  It is not a planet for increasing ''savings'' it is a planet for increasing the rate of ''flow'' - financial expansion under the auspices of Jupiter does not mean more bullion in your strong-box, it means an increased cash-flow - to further increase one's access to the flow, and therefore one's potential to *give* of that flow one needs to be *strategic* in how one gives.


In the corresponding system of cellular biology as it is explored on the Blogos, Jupiter corresponds to the endosomes - which are like cargo containers inside the cell and are the workhorses (the camels!!!) of the export/import system of the cell.  The internal constituents of a cell are in continuous flow - ''parts'' for the construction of important proteins need to be imported from the blood, and similarly, each cellular manufactory needs to export the essential proteins it manufactures to the body at large.  Taking one example the thyroid gland needs to produce hormones and in order to do this it needs to import important precursor molecules and then export those hormones so other sites in the body can complete their metabolism.  These import/export ''trade routes'' need to be maintained in dynamic equilibrium and adjusted to fluctuations in the body's ''economics''.  If any given cell is  not recieving imports for whatever reason its function will be severely impeded, a cell that cannot ''export'' may even explode**.

In terms of Cellular Consciousness the ''endosomes'' transport ''events'' through the membrane of consciousness from the bloodstream of Time.  Events may constitute meeting certain individuals, or encountering objects or other phenomena.  Often, perhaps nearly always, there are ''economic'' implications to events - you may meet an individual in relation to business, or an individual in need - you may encounter an object which has some value, you may also have to give an object of value away.  All these transactions with events that are presented to your consciousness consitute your ''metaphysical'' economy and your relationship with its flow.  The Jupiterian Endosomes are responsible for transporting events into the cell*** and although those endosomes are of you (in your larger consciousness) you as a being that exists at the centre of your cell much choose wisely how to deal with them.  Strategic charity at a certain moment can have metaphysical implications for other events that will present to you from the ''bloodstream'' and sometimes when one is not looking with eyes that see or with ears that hear its easy to miss how events are connected.  One cannot grow without giving, one cannot complete one's metabolism without giving.

If we look at the Metabolism of Time diagram that ''Gimel'' will map over to a path between Reducing the Future (Chokmah) and the Reaction to the Moment (Chesed).  This shows us how our actions in response to any given event delineate the possibilities that the future gives to us - our *actions* are our *wealth* and those actions that are of the Loving Wisdom are most appropriate to any event encountered.

I realise that these ''later'' Metabolism posts are becoming complex.  If you wish to learn about Cellular Consciousness and the Metabolism of Time, about how we can learn from knowledge of the biological cell about our consciousness experience of reality and its relationship to Time, I strongly urge you to go back to the earlier posts on Metabolism.  I am happy to answer any questions readers may have.

*Joviality, generosity, gentleness.
**This is how TSEs (e.g. Mad Cow Disease) express their pathology.  Cells cannot export a mutant enzyme which then builds up in a cell until it pops and those enzymes enter other cells, which they cannot leave while ordering the construction of more of themselves until the process leads to a ''swiss-cheese'' brain.
***Bear in mind that ''events'' need ''digesting'' and also that some ''events'' are pathological and have entered your cell of consciousness by duping the membrane into believing that they were positive/advantageous.  The Blogos is not without its theodicy.

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