Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Metabolism VIII - The Living God and its Dog Name

There has been a bit of talk recently about what it means to be a living God and whether magick makes you one or not.  Within this conversation there have been many grand claims and some fairly empty but motivational rhetoric.  Lets examine the actual details.

The ego, which is effectively a structure in the mind that formed around your learned responses to your given name (your ''dog-name'') - does not survive death and is not a God.

The DNA spiral that you actually are - which I term ''Feelix the Perfect Helix'' - is a Living God.  You don't have to go another dimension to find this Living God it is inside you and motivates all living things on the planet.   It reincarnates by propogating itself and has preserved and adapted its infomation spirals from the very beginning of life.  It shapeshifts, it co-locates (think twins but on a more general level that we will get to - genetic archetypes) and it is virtually invincible surviving on desolate asteroids in deep space. 

The stoics believed the soul was ''material'' and there is no other better candidate for a material soul than the DNA  - though the actual matter is irrelevant, its the information it contains which propagates.  You are that being - your dog name is just that, its a name, its not the dog.  The dog might think it *is* the name, but that doesn't make it so.  By loosening the grip that ''dog-name'' has on you, the more access you have to the powers latent in the information spiral that you are.


Another way that you are ''a God'' is in the way you express certain genetic archetypes that are immortal and directly related to the Metabolism of Time.  Although complete within ourselves we are also differentiated within society - there are hunters, teachers, warriors, lovers, entertainers, etc.  These archetypes at our local level scale up into ''Gods'' - Goddess of the Hunt, God of Love, etc.  By pursuing your genetic True Will and achieving excellence within that true will you are living that aspect of those Gods in your real life.  If you pursue the whims of your dog-name you are a pale shadow of that God within and probably crippled by the diseases of it. 

In the sections on physiognomy on the Blogos there are images and supporting information to help you discover the nature of your closest genetic archetype and therefore your ''true will''.  Often these genetic archetypes produce what people consider to be problems - fat storage, skin problems, memory failure, balding, etc - but those are symptoms of the underlying genetic power.  In confronting and understanding those problems one can uncover their true will.  Over abundance of fat storage in adipose tissue in the abdomen generally tells me that person has great power over dreams, visualises very well, and has the ability for tremendous release of energy (be it emotional, physical, or intellectual) at critical moments.  Skin conditions normally indicate the person is capable of multi-tasking to a very high level, handling the accompanying stress and because of this can be a great dancer or lover.  However if your dog name is consuming you with anxiety about your weight or skin and contributing to self-perpetuating the problems through that stress you're hardly a God are you?

As I mentioned in previous posts, I don't believe in the lego-brick approach to genetics, I believe that the fundamental part of that life-spiral is ''quantum'' and that ''quantum-mechanics'' have been incorporated into our metabolism and our evolution.  There is increasing evidence for this.  As readers of the blog will know as well Feelix is correlated to the time spiral, indeed Feelix is a ''time-spiral''.  In this way we are all Zurvan, the God of Time.
To repeat - the ego or ''dog-name'' is not a God, it is a dead man walking and that is why it is so full of fear, anger, anxiety, etc, ad nauseaum.  Breaking that name's hold is one of the first tasks that must be undertaken in order to achieve any sense of the God within.


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