Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Western Mysteries and Falling out of Fashion

In this blog entry Jason Miller talks about concepts like the Astral Temple and Visualization falling out of fashion* and it got me thinking again about the terrible state of the Western Mystery Tradition, what other fundamentals might be falling out of fashion and indeed what is ''in fashion''.

I wonder if this notion of what is fashionable has been influenced by my stating that Qabalah is the New Black**.  If you have an idea about what has become fashionable or disagree with anything on my list feel free to drop a comment or a message.

In Fashion:

  • Magicians as socio-cultural anthropologists
  • Magicians as event managers
  • Magicians as journalists - look at my interviews: I'm on tv or I'm a reporter!
  • Magicians as craftsmen - look at my material sunthemata!***
  • Magicians as scholars/academics - look at my article on translations regarding obscure deity/saint x
  • Magicians as geeks/nerds
  • Magicians justifying day-jobs
  • Advertising
  • Identity politics - where are you on the sexual spectrum fellow magus - QWERTYUIOP?
  • Conspiracy gnosticism (a fusion of conspiracy theory and Gnostic mysticism)
  • ''Micro-traditions'', I guess a bit like hipsters are fascinated by micro-breweries
  • Empty motivational rhetoric + chat
  • Sycophancy

Falling out of Fashion:

  • Magick
  • Astral Work
  • Healing
  • Qabalah
  • Dialogue

One of the reasons dialogue is so out of fashion is that there is no material incentive to have disagreements with peers and then form compromises in public.  It makes it look like your ''grandmastery'' of a subject is less than perfect and might affect sales of your books****.  Of course without dialogue stagnation of the tradition occurs as we can see.  If this post annoys you a little - good - you need to be annoyed by it, really.  There is a serious lack of internal criticism in this community - lets not get decadent people.  Its better to be self-critical.

*My own thoughts on the ''Astral Temple'' can be found here:
**It is.
***Its easy to make money selling something physical.  Its difficult to profit from Nous.
****Which apparently most authors can't support their lifesyles on anyway - I cite Aaron Leitch, Nick Farrel, etc.

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