Wednesday, February 25, 2015

What went wrong? Blogging about Magic

Ask yourself why you want them to blog about magical techniques?  You have unparalleled access to the source material.  You certainly don't need them too.  These blog writers aren't doggies that will dance for you on command.  Crafting blog posts takes considerable time and unless they are particularly fiendish with google ads they are only making money off books or products that they otherwise sell.  Why would an author write for free about ideas that they could put in a book?  Why would a writer, hoping to be published eventually, waste all their material on a blog post?  It may not be the money that drives them but the understandable desire to birth a beautifully bound book into physical existence.  Many of us are bibliophiles after all and when the apocalypse comes the internet is less likely to survive than a doorstopper of a tome.

 My colleague Dream Warrior made this comment on Charmed I'm Sure:

''When I hear that people are bitching* (and let’s face it, that’s how it is best characterized) about a lack of “tech” lessons on magic blogs, I can’t help wonder if they are the very same people who for a while were very superiorly bemoaning* the fact that so much blog content was “magic 101″, and nobody was writing about “advanced” magic. Whatever that is. Well, FFS, writing about magic-as-a-means-of-exploring-life-and-the-universe IS advanced magic isn’t it?''

I certainly haven't written to anyone in my observable limit of the blogosphere asking them to write about magic more but I have made comments and criticism about the WMT along the lines DreamWarrior is talking about and which seemed to resonate with a fair number of people.  I would like to elaborate on some of the points he makes though.

What do I think 101 magic is for the purpose of my criticism?  Generally this is magic ultimately based in what your average person considers ''the real world''.  It involves the use of strange attractors (altars, talismans, spells, astrological maths) to influence probability in such a way that whatever phenomena the strange attractor is for manifests more readily in your life.  I like the 101 label as it speaks to me not only of ''entry level'' but of Malkuth and Keter, and ''bringing it down''** - i.e. making change occur in the physical.   Its entry level because the user does not require either an astral body or any real personal development***.  Most of the time this kind of magic is used in order to generate money or attraction because human beings are, if nothing else, pragmatic.  Its also the material that fills books and sells.  Its easy enough to make a strange attractor and most people will get some results pretty quickly but you don't see many of our people building altars to attract ''more opportunities to heal the sick'' or ''usher in an age of free energy.''  The rise of pragmatism has been accompanied by a decline in utopianism.

Saint Expedite didn’t make me rich, maybe Bune will.” “Bune, didn’t make me rich, maybe Tzadkiel will…

Jason Miller's position in this post is laudable.  He has made 101 magick more effective for people through his advice. He has generated *results* for countless people.  His works are chock full of pragmatic *real world* advice on how to achieve your Venutian or Jupiterian effects, spiced with real magick applications for boosting those effects. 

What do I mean by advanced magic?

Amongst other things - the intricacies of working with spirits/other intelligences, developing and using the astral body and repairing the Soul.  Some perhaps hint at their experiences, occassionally there is a tentative posting of a ''result'' from working with a spirit.  I can understand why the spirit workers don't post up more of their actual experiences and results - because it is weird and scary and they very probably know way less about what they are doing than they should.  And what, after all, are these spirit-workers attempting to do with their magic?  Well more often than not its still 101 in focus and a little bit Faustian - make me rich, famous, sexy I will offer x, y, z, etc.

I am often faced by the charge that my material is too advanced.  I see it on forum posts, on blogging comments, and I also accept it from my peers.  The work on this blog requires some understanding of biochemistry and genetics, alongside a good reading of the Qabalah.  It includes amongst other things the use of physiognomy for healing (Alchemy, Chokmah ha Partzuf), the development, use and experience of an astral body, timetravel and retrocausality, the 231 Gates, working with the Archangel Raziel, and the restructuring of your consciousness so that it is ''Yetziratic''. In the old days there was this idea of 'developing the soul' - acquiring profound new senses as a being - telepathy, clairvoyance, psychometry, astral projection - Ascension ;-)  If people do look across the immediate vicinity in the blogosphere they will see discounts on books and products, fairly empty motivational rhetoric, real world advice and ''conspiracy gnosticism''.  Often underneath that there is some magic, I agree, but I think the request for more tech talk might be fair enough. 

I think its unfair to ''expect birds to fly'' and I think playing down the role of the teacher in all of this is not useful.  I understand that either ''you are or you aren't'' but I have had my praxis *enriched* by such dialogue and discussion.  I believe the crashing of the institutions of the WMT was a good thing and more yay for freedom but at the same time there does need to be organic support and development, and a sense of responsibility for and stewardship of the WMT.

The Baby Boomer generation in the WMT have not effectively passed the tradition on**** and it is in severe decline - you can see this by a lack of understanding of basic concepts - I am all for reinventing the wheel from time to time but if it reduces your average student to a caveman to do it, less so.

Gen X seem to be mainly self-taught and driven by a desire to ''re-wild'' whether it be a descent into Renaissance grimoires, Greek papyri, or European folklore - authenticity became the watchword.  Has something useful come of it?  Maybe, but there is serious danger of complete fragmentation into microtraditions unable to produce effective dialogue.  As the ''surface area'' of the WMT increases in this way so will its dissolution.

Gen Y... well Gen Y are utterly screwed, poor bastards.  But we all knew that.  If anything is to be done for them, we can't just moan at them to read a book*****  we have to *build the culture* and I think we shouldn't get lazy in our comfort zones and should accept challenges and not deflect them.  Rather than simply dismissing these accusations and criticising the accusers, isn't it worth considering them sensitively at least for a moment?  I like the idea of the mysterious sensei subtly pointing the way as much as anyone else but we may not have time for such aesthetics.  Especially when distractions and chat rise to a crescendo.

You don't have to teach******.  Of course you don't and you should feel free to ignore the comments, criticisms and personal messages coming from... well whoever sent them to you.  But when all is considered you might have to teach, it might indeed be your *duty* to teach and if you are a teacher already you might have to up your game.  Less dumb down and more ssstttrreeeetttccchhhh..... Some will let go and fall, some will snap.  So Be It.   I understand that you might have changed in the last few years and don't feel like you have anything to prove now, etc, but maybe this isn't about *you*.  Maybe you have to be Morpheus now.

Is it so outrageous to request that magickal bloggers write about magical technique from time to time?  Don't those self-same bloggers know they have to do that in order to keep their audience? Is it fair to expect that the people who are now edging towards becoming the elders and leaders of the community stay on target *unlike their predecessors*?  Do they understand what is at stake?  Think of the children!!!

*Note comments and criticism becomes bemoaning and bitching, arguing becomes trolling etc - this is a product of the positive behaviour management systems that are in place on the internet.
**My position on this is it is about making changes within your own cell of consciousness in order to ''open the membranes'' in order to allow specific phenomena from the ''bloodstream of time'' to access the cell.  In a biological cell there are specific gates for specific hormones and applying this to our cellular magickal model we would expect there to be Venus gates, Jupiter gates etc in the ''membrane'' with related phenomena.  Warning messing around with Cellular Consciousness can be extremely disorientating - ''run and return''.
***''Magickal memory'', concentration, poise, psychic powers, etc.
****I blame the Kircher Tree.
*****Like we did in Gen X!  bBecause of the failure of our elders, I know we were self-taught!
******A good teacher should be focussed on creating peers not more students.


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