Monday, February 16, 2015

The Tree of Life - Laniakea and the Qabalistic Filaments

Scientists recently announced they had discovered more about our local region in the universe. Laniakea, the name they gave to this part of the intergalactic super structure spoke to me of filaments in the beard of Macroprosopus or the hair of the Shekinah.

Often these images come along with a statement about the pointless insignifance of your life in the grand scheme of things.  Your life is like that of an ant when compared to this vastness of the heavens, right? However the same people who tend to tell us our lives are meaningless also worry about the Earth, pollution, wars, exploitation and geopolitics. Guys, it doesn't matter, if your life is insignificant right?

''What would you do, if everyday was the same, if you were stuck in the same place and nothing you did mattered?'' - Phil, Groundhog Day

Back to the beard of Marcoprosopus - Ch. 19 and Ch.20 from Kabbalah Denudata. The title of these two chapters is great - ''the beard in general, the beard in particular'' - almost like Einstein's special and general theory of relativity eh?

''And this is to be kept perfectly distinct from this beard--namely, that which exists from the head (formed into), one thousand* worlds, sealed with a most pure seal, with a seal which includeth all seals... How far do those conformations of the beard radiate splendour?''

A vast, glorious mane of some supercosmic being, from whose gorgeous locks our galaxy is but another sparkticle of dandruff!

''Also we have learned: No beard (i.e., no part of this beard) is found which doth not (virtually) arise from the brain of the head (or from the heart).''

That these eternal golden braids, blowing in some intergalactic breath-wind, connect to the brain or the heart of this being, as if the galaxies are the twisting tendrils of its dream-stuff - imagination bubbling up from the psychic core of this cosmic creature.

This article came out recently, suggesting that the blackhole cores of galaxies are not blackholes at all, but wormholes.  Its hypothesis seems to confirm the one ''successful'' communication that occurred with the Time-phone** at Edward Kelley's Tower.  This communication from ''the future'' said that galaxies do not form from the collapsing clouds of gas, under the force of gravity, but emerge from ''the black holes'' at the centre that must be ''wound up'' before they release stars. When I asked who winds them up the phone went dead.

Andromeda is hurtling towards us at fairly ridiculous speeds - the impact between the galaxies will occur in about 4 billion years. People wonder about what would happen when the black hole nuclei collide but what happens when wormholes collide???

The reality is that we exist in some scale of what is probably an infinite fractal universe, that the multi-millenia long lives of beings like those in Jupiter Ascending are also the same length as ants.  This does not necessarily mean that nothing matters, although if it does it means that nothing mattering is the same as everything mattering - regardless of scale.  The battle between aphids and ladybirds in a rose bush matters *as much* as all your geopolitical maneuvering and identity politicking***.  The struggle is between law and chaos, between slavery and freedom, between independence and control, and it occurs at all scales of the universe - from a rock-pool, to a war-torn Somalian hell hole, to remote intergalactic empires back-lit by dying suns.

And when you get the sheer scale of this universe, when you understand the prima materia is Time****, you will want to ditch your astral free-scaling suit, hack time and become a chrononautic 5th dimensional being - if you're not one already.

*1000 - the value of the final Alef was also used to signify ''massive numbers''.  In this reading of this chapter I read ''thousand worlds'' to be endless billions.
**An awesome piece of kit built using an astrological globe and the principle of the galgal from the Sefer Yetzirah, 231 Gates section.  The communication was actually a request on our part for the secrets of free energy and that is what we got.  Make of it what thou will.
***Sometimes the former is actually less boring.

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