Friday, February 20, 2015

Metabolism VIII - Physiognomy, The Path of Venus, Mimes and the Shellfish

You're very forward. You really are.  Oh you really are.  But my husband will understand.  My husband does understand.  Come here.  Come down here.  I'll explain.  After all think of my marriage.  He adores me.  Come here and I'll whisper to you.  I'll whisper it.  Its whispering time.  Isn't it?  You like me to whisper to you.  You like me to love you, whispering.  Listen.  You mustn't worry about wives, husbands... things like that.  Its silly.  Its really silly.  Its you, you now, here, here with me, here together, that's what it is, isn't it?  You whisper to me, you take tea with me, you do that, don't you, that's what we are, that's us.  Love me.

The Lover, Harold Pinter

As part of the physiognomical lessons we will now look at the ''path'' between Chesed (Loving-Kindness and the Depth of South/Warm/Expand) and Netzach (Victory and the Depth of Up/Out/Rise) - a path that is attributable to Venus.  Remember most individuals fall between the Sefirot in terms of their ''physiognomical centre'', or in other words *along the paths*, so our ''physiognomical characters'' are used to create a spectrum which we can use to help place the individual.  In this case we would expect to find individuals on the Venus path between Chesed and Netzach to bear qualities that are in common with either our Mime or our Shellfish.


This character is as wonderful as all the physiognomical characters and you can read more about her here and here.  I feel I have learned a little about how to cope with the skin conditions that are often the case with this character.  Generally they tend to handle stress quite well and are very capable multitaskers but because of their propensity for stressful environments they often take on too much, even beyond their own considerable capacity.  The resulting oscillations of the hormone cortisol cause skin conditions.  Now I see the importance of proactive relaxation strategies (massage, aromatherapy, nice hot baths, exercise, meditation etc) for these characters (even though in their ''stressy state'' they may resist - normal manifestation of their ''relaxation'' is something like smoking which is not so healthy).  Skin conditions are virtually unavoidable with this type of physiology so coping strategies must be employed.  The skin can become a source of stress itself if not dealt with and the individual ends up in  a feedback loop where stress causes skin conditions and skin conditions cause stress.  It always causes these very beautiful creatures to feel ''hideous'' whether the condition be acne, eczema, urticaria, etc - this ties to Aphrodite along with the makeup they often use to conceal the condition, which can become a cause of the condition.  With the Mimes I have met this time, I have been proactive in my psychodermatological interactions and as a Healer I feel I have learned a great deal.

The hormone cortisol is also linked to forgetting.  Traumatic experiences cause a spike in cortisol levels which damages the architecture of the brain and causes scarring, this has the positive effect of blocking that experience from being remembered. This does not mean that Mimes are more likely to have traumatic experiences but it does mean that the high cortisol levels they endure can have a fogging effect on their memory.  Often the Mimes can carry a kind of sadness about time with them - they do not like aging and unlike Bloodless Beings, their complexion will age due to the cortisol and this can compound the problem.  This underlying problem with the nature of time and its effect on their body can lead to passive-aggressive outbursts that often take the form of ''guilt-tripping''.  Since the focus of multi-tasking and stress-handling is normally wrapped up in other individuals - Mimes can often appear to be focussed on the pleasure and success of others, and can be quite giving and supportive - making them extremely beneficial parents, if prone to ''spoiling'' their children and giving them overly positive mother complexes.

Another point to consider, although it is not always useful is length of the hair.  Quite often the (female) Mimes will have shorter haircuts because the faces are often rounder rather than longer and these short haircuts are flattering for those kind of faces.


The other physiological aspect of the path of Venus is the immune system's recognition of self as opposed to its identification of foreign bodies.  In our world of physiognomical characters they often appear as above - The Shellfish (more info here and here).  They want to ''include you in the party'' and there is often a lot of drinking to facilitate this.  The significant danger here then is alcoholism and other accompanying addictions.  Alcohol is a very good lubricant in losing the self in the whole, an important part of the process of love - whether it be merging into one person as two soul mates coming together, the love of your circle of friends, the love of the nation, or the love of the planet.  The urge to *not think* when these loves take hold of you is so strong that the ''alcohol'' is difficult to resist.

Addiction is a manifestation of obsession, of possessiveness and the darker aspects of Love - the Kingship of Venus is said to be Dominance/Submission.  Its in the loss of reason that we commit the most violent and painful acts of Love.  However the Shellfish is more likely to indulge in depressive (alcohol induced) private obsessions over the individual they adore rather than stalk or assault them, behaviour far more expected of Many Mannered Mind Men or Jays.  The obsessions of the Shellfish are more likely to lead to pathetic desperate declarations of love after months of brooding and possibly, in very rare situations, followed by suicide.

In Plato's Symposium the various eulogists are competing to perform the greatest eulogy to Love. Like Eryximachus we have evaded describing love, but have effectively described its physiological effects. What then is the Path of Love seen from this angle?  Skin conditions caused by stress in selfless service to the other(s) and drunkeness, addiction and obsession in a desire to lose oneself in the other?


  1. If you don't mind my asking, what is/are your sources on physiognomy?

  2. Science, my observations and my memory. Why do you ask? Have you put them into practice?

  3. not yet, just curious. was going to research it in merkavah writings.

  4. Isaac Luria was said to be able to read ''karma'' from an individual's face. jacobus Swart informed me that this is the Chokmah ha Partzuf.