Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Tree of Life - The Leeches and Crossing the Rivers of Time

The Rivers of Time contain destructive and disruptive entities in their waters which are the equivalent of the Klippot, the Shells or Husks of the Qabalah. Often the Klippot are thought of as a kind of demonic hierarchy relating to the Tree of Life and I think this is useful in that we can classify them by the centres they effect  i.e. there are Klippot that cause sexual diseases, some that cause kidney illness, skin conditions, various types of madness, etc etc.

Shabbatai Tzvi's alternate view of the Klippot is well worth getting one's head around though.  His theodicy suggests that the Klippot are particles of thoughtless infinity that have become wrapped up in the thoughtful infinity's creative intentions.  All this thoughtless infinity is seeking to do is return to its original undifferentiated state - the Klippot are not going about this in a consciously malevolent way - its simply a metaphysical mechanism.  Try to imagine the Klippot as holes in something where there is a pressure difference on either side, like a plane or submarine, - finity begins to be pulled into infinity - this infinite force on finity causes its structures to break apart until they completely crumble. Is this a positive source of evil like the Devil?  I don't think so but whether they are ultimately evil or not the Klippot do suck.

In the cosmogony of the Rivers of Time, these waters contain Leeches and they are one of the main opponents of the physiognomical characters as they attempt to figure out and eventually repair themselves.  The leeches are more densely concentrated in the lower portion of these Rivers, i.e. more in the swamps of the delta of remembering and forgetting, than in the mountainous regions of the altered future.   The effect of the leeches seems to be very similar to Tzvi's view - they are mindlessly and mechanically sucking your blood - aging you, increasing the effect of entropy on your body, destroying your great works as if they were sandcastles, etc - in the same way all finite objects are eventually ground down by time.

The vision of the Rivers of Time was accompanied by a lot of what I would probably refer to now as spirit work - communicating with the physiognomical characters for more information regarding their nature and the nature of the lands they occupy i.e. the 4th dimension - where time is seen more as block time - always morning in the mountains, always evening by the sea.

From conversations with the Bloodless Being I was told a story of how the Treefrog once tried to cross the Rivers of Time and was swarmed and drained by leeches - as the blood left her body the Bloodless Being told her that she should have exchanged her blood for light - a light being untouchable by leeches. This dialogue also lead into my later understanding of chronobiology - the Bloodless Being a physiognomical character of melatonin - an antioxidant hormone responsible for maintaining biorhythms that produces young looking, slim, slender boned, cancer resistant people with good complexion - in this sense the high melatonin levels of Bloodless Beings do indeed make them less susceptible to the leeches.

In another way we can see the Bloodless Being's position on the Rivers of Time at Changing the Future as being above the abyss and from the Qabalah we know that the Sefirot of the Supernal Triad were not effected by the Shattering of the Vessels - they managed to contain the light - future beings are light beings.  Blood, a symbol of our finity, our mortality, and our vulnerability to the leeches does not exist above the Abyss, it exists in the shattered worlds of the three dimensions below.  The Bloodless Being in us, the Light Being, is telling us to exchange our blood for light, or in other words to develop our astral body.

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