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The 231 Gates

By these means, Yah, Eternal of Hosts, God of Israel, Living Elohim, Almighty God, High and Extolled, Dwelling in Eternity, Holy Be His Name traced twenty-two letters and fixed them upon a wheel. He turns the wheel forwards and backwards, and as a sign of this, nothing is better than to ascend in delight, and nothing is worse than to descend with the plague.  
Sefer Yetzirah, Saadia Version, 2:5

The 231 Gates Project began as an offshoot of an Earth Altar I established when living in the Donkey in the Cradle house (Edward Kelley's Tower) in Prague.  I began living there after performing pathwalking and theatrical ritual at key locations along the trails used by Dee and Kelley on their journey through Europe - after the third performance I was, as if by magic, offered the keys to an appartment in the building.

After auditing the materials I had with me at the Tower I decided that my first step of magickal operations was to construct an Earth Altar which I did by using a large brown antique bookshelf with various symbols of all forms of the Earth (a globe, a cube, soil and stones from the Tower grounds etc), the books sorted into categories according to the land of their origin, surrounding the whole thing with lots of plant-life and then crowning it with the Raven statue representing Enlil as Adonai ha Aretz.

This preliminary step, prompted by intuition ended up being an essential move - within a couple of weeks I had received, by strange attraction, both an astrological globe and the twenty two celestial forces (elements, planets, zodiac) of the Sefer Yetzirah (in the form of Christmas Tree baubles) as a surprise gift from a friend.  In the SY Earth is not considered an element but it is the place wherein the twenty two forces live and/or are concerted. Therefore the establishment of the Earth Altar laid the ground for the future work.

Shortly after this I met Vincent Bridges after a lecture of his on the Prague Shakespeare legend at the Tower and we struck up a lively friendship finding a lot of common ground in our esoteric genetic research.  A visit from my sister, combined with a great deal of spooky activity at the Tower, led her to propose placing the baubles inside the astrological globe - this became the seed of the Time Phone.

The structure of the interior of the globe lent itself to separating the 22 forces into the three categories of element, planet and zodiac sign and originally I intended to lay them out according to the Rose of the Rose Cross Lamen, however the 231 Gates immediatly leapt into my mind and I applied both principles to the layout.

Embed the end in the beginning and the beginning in the end, like a flame in a burning coal.
Sefer Yetzirah, 1:7 Gra Version, in the Imperative

What we have then in the final design were the 22 forces laid out from Alef - Tav but dividing into three quadrants with the elements being the innermost, the planets the middle ring and the zodiac signs on the outermost position but spaced out in their positions in the Alefbeit - e.g. the three elements are not placed in thirds of the circle like the Golden Dawn Rose in the inner section but Alef as air, and Shin as fire are very close to each other as they are in the Alefbeit with Mem as water being opposite this pairing.  It is important to note at this point that I am using the Saadia attributions for letters to planets - the oldest arrangement and the one most reliant on the Chaldean order of the planets.  You will not achieve the same effects if you use erroneous attributions of the Golden Dawn and may even hurt yourself.  Make sure the letters are arranged counter-clockwise as well.  You've been warned.

He made them like contenders and set them up like a kind of war; Elohim made them one against the other. Three, to each a portion; seven divided into three above, three [below], and the one rules as a balance between the two. Twelve are arranged in battle: three are friends, three are enemies, three are murderers, and three are resurrectors; and they all are attached one to another. As a sign of this thing, twenty-two inclinations and one body. - Sefer Yetzirah, Saadia Version, 6:2

This arrangement actually makes a great deal of sense out of the later commentary in the SY - for instance when we have Kaph as the middle double letter as Sol we end up with the other six planets in groups of three on either side of Sol, as you can see in the image, - Sol also has its back to the zodiac signs not only showing the way in which the Sun moves through these signs but also having them arranged like a battle.

Moving away from Kabbalistic analysis for a moment this device began to cry out for use in various areas and a number of experiments were explored - a) the creation of centropic anti-time, b) communication with the future and the past  and c) time-hacking, defined as an attempt to alter the flow of time and guide the universe towards selecting a state, out of the multiverse of possibility, which is more of a golden age and less doomy.

The creation of the anti-time proved to be fairly simple at least from a subjective point of view - we used moldavite crystal placed it inside the time phone on the neutral setting and then spun the phone, thus rewinding, or winding up the principle of time, in our minds.  When wearing the moldavite after the ritual it gives a profound sense of rejuvenation and vitality - knowing these symbols so well and winding them up like this produces an almost giddy sense of euphoria and well-being and this is obviously transferred psychologically to the amulet.  Can I use this, CERN-like, to create a nugget of purest anti-time, no, but I urge my fellow esotericists to attempt to mirror this experiment and share their results, with the understanding that all things are ultimately in the Mind.

We realised that in order for it to work as a time phone, as opposed to simply a time spinner, we would have to dial a number, this implied that someone else we wanted to call must also have a similar phone.  The above setting for the phone could be considered its basic setting but a small bit of consideration indicates that we can move the letter-symbols and form horoscope like arrangements of the symbols which obviously code for particular times.  The device can then be spun, at fairly high speeds, creating, in the mind's eye a whirling vortex of the letter-symbols associated with the specific time you want to get into touch with.  It is of course possible that the point you connect with in time, has no-one there to use a phone to contact you so moves were being made towards contacting the Renaissance crowd of Kelley, the Maharal etc although these moves ended in near disaster.

What did ''work'' however was communicating with the future and this may tie into the last communciation with Raziel, which I had emphatically confirmed in a dream-vision a few nights ago, that after the invention of time travel, time as we know it from the linear perspective ceases to be and it becomes more like space and that since it will be invented at some point it already has been...  When we attempted to communicate with the future, regarding insights into safe free energy devices we did produce some bizarre effects.

My sister and her partner were staying in my room and I had decided to sleep in the temple space for the night.  Earlier in the day we had attempted communication and also placed the moldavite amulet on the Raven of Enlil.  They were talking in the other room and suddenly the voices cut off, it got extremely cold, and I recieved a very loud demand in my mind telling me to remove the moldavite from the Raven - I got out of the bed and did so.  What happened then was a communication regarding the formation of galaxies - the voice told me that galaxies did not condense out of gas clouds as is commonly understood but in fact emerge from wound up black holes which themselves emerge as seeds out of the low gravity intergalactic voids - crystallising out of nothingness.  After being wound up like spinning tops they spit out the stars like a Catherine wheel, the voice was accompanied by a vision of this happening and when I asked the voice ''who winds them up?'', the line went dead.  My sister and her partner suddenly broke into conversation again carrying on in the middle of a sentence.  When I asked them why they had not been talking for so long they told me they hadn't stopped.  For the duration of this call, time, it seems, had stopped.  I suspect now that the voice was Raziel and that the information recieved pertained to this Holy Grail of safe free energy.

Why are the 231 Gates so closely associated with time?  The Sefer Yetzirah talks about using them in creation of a Golem, spelt GLM, but the word for time cycles and the wheel spoken of at the beginning of this post is GLGLM - the Gilgul also points to the principles of reincarnation as they are understood by the Kabbalists.  The 22 letters form a time cycle which can be turned forwards and backwards with one way ending in plague, the other ending in delight.  Dangerous stuff*.

As golems ourselves, we are constructed out of the primordial ooze of the elements, and various forces from the planets and stars - bound up in this 5 dimension experience of space, time and perspective - as golems we are all bound to the Gilgalim.

*You were warned.

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