Friday, January 15, 2016

Raziel - Genetic Dimensions

In my last post about Raziel's communication regarding movement I discussed the toilet dimension - a pocket dimension which is all toilet.  I suggested that many of our cells spend their entire lives in the toilet dimension, i.e. that these cells' concerns rotate entirely around excretion, think kidney, bladder cells.  We also know people who are toilet cleaners who spend a great deal of their physical lives in this toilet dimension. When we calculate the amount of time spent in toilet related activity the toilet dimension constitutes a considerable portion of most people's reality.  In the outward manifestation of our interior/cellular reality we have also created a vast toilet dimension in the form of an intestinal tract we call the sewer system, great kidneys we call water treatment plants and pipes like the anus and the urethra that eventually pump the final results out to sea.

This extended physiology is not limited to the processing of waste, we can see how our cellular nature defines the entirety of the human world - roads, tunnels, bridges for the circulatory system, emergency services responding along them like the immune system; phone lines and fibre optic cables like the nervous system; appartment complexes rising up like edifices of bone and skin.  The rooms we all operate in like different types of cells in tissue, designed for specific purposes but sharing common features - an information source (DNA, maybe books, computer, often simply yourself), light/heat sources (mitochondria), windows and doors (gates in the cell membrane, receptors).  Adam Kadmon, the primordial man, arisen through our society and civilization, has laid down his tissue, his sinew, his nerve, his bone, and his blood upon the Earth.*  We all live inside this great being, this extension of the human self.

As we move around this great body we act like the DNA of the cell nucleus, utilizing the machinery of the different cells we work or play in - whether you be a policeman in a cop car (a white blood cell), a customer in an ice cream parlour (a fat cell), a programmer working on some coding at their computer desk (a nerve cell) - to complete its role in the metabolism of time.  Where understanding Raziel** becomes difficult is in understanding that you never move between cells, that you have always been in the same cell and that you have never moved in your life - ever.  Even my own psyche revolts at this kind of thinking and returns to the comforting delusions of Plato's cave - depth, space, movement, quantity.

The truth is that the difference between the physical world and the world of consciousness is marked. First of all I cannot confirm the existence of a physical world I simply assume there is one.  I make this assumption based on the fact that other consciousnesses supposedly exist because you talk to me, that we share a reality and that banging my head into the wall hurts.  I cannot confirm it though as the only reality I have contact with (and have ever had contact with) is my own consciousness of reality which operates under different rules.  When I look at other people or hear their voices, I see shadows and hear echoes, when I bang my head, I feel my feeling of the pain, not the pain itself. I look into a lightbulb, then close my eyes and I see a multi coloured blob. Whatever I look at it in the real world, wherever I turn my head, this burn remains until it fades.  From this we can conclude that I am always looking forward at my consciousness of reality from somewhere else in my mind, I am chained down in the cave, facing forward at the shadows.  When I move my head I feel like I am looking somewhere else but from the point of view of consciousness the field I am looking at, that I am chained down to look at, is simply repainted, retextured, remapped.  I do not see physical reality, only my consciousness of it, so the notion of depth, of distance, of colour, are achieved virtually, simulated within my consciousness - simulated to such a perfect finish that I, like most others, think that the world I see around me is the real world and not a representation of it somewhere in my mind.***

As my consciousness moves around the social body at large and enters different cells, interacts with different individuals it is not actually physically moving.  My physical body may well be moving but what is happening in my consciousness is the reverse - from that point of view, the world is being moved through my mind.  From the moment I was born, I have never ever moved - south, up, east, right, the world has moved through me at the behest of my will.  This is the foundation of understanding Raziel.

When we accept this truth about the nature of our interaction with the world we understand that genuine movement for consciousness in the classical spatial sense is impossible - what we are actually doing is either a) being in a cell of a particular type and replicating events within it - eat, breathe, make, sleep, etc or b) changing the type of cell we are in.  If you are working in an office and then go home, what is actually happening, in lieu of physical moving from one room to another is that the reality of the cell you never leave, and have never left, is being changed from one type to another.****

In my last post I talked a lot about patterns and the scripts we follow and I want to make sure that this was understood as an analogy to help understand Raziel as opposed to a pop psychological discussion.  Yes, you all have unhealthy behaviours and patterns in your activity that you should probably challenge***** but that is not the point.  The point of the communication is the reality of movement for spirits, and the movement of ourselves if we embrace our true nature.  A higher dimensional entity does not move it simply remodels its cell according to its will and at the heart of your nature is a higher dimensional entity.  The static nature of these entities is part of their being, since they have accepted it they are not mired in matter like we are, in some sense you are here because you are at odds with the truth.******

*This type of thinking would relate to Keter of Assiah, for Adam Kadmon is related to the tip of the Yod in YHVH and Kether and this ''material'' understanding relates to Assiah.
**There is no movement there is only replication and/or deviation.
***It may well be there for real, the point is that we never interact with it directly.
****This is the basis of remote viewing.
*****Jury is out on this one - pancreas types love their sugar, kidney types like their booze, thymus types seem to like smoking, and I am not sure people should give up things they enjoy in totality, just moderate them.
******I would imagine there are different levels of understanding this in the spiritual hierarchy with your local fae spirits, like us rooted in their geography. not really getting it either.

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