Monday, February 22, 2016

Time Travel, Temporal Entanglement, Retrocausality and ''Offerings''

Good Angel - Faustus, repent; yet God will pity thee
Evil Angel - Thou art a spirit: God cannot pity thee
Faustus - Who buzzeth in mine ears I am a spirit,
Be I a devil, God will pity me,
Aye God will pity me if I repent

Dr Faustus, Act 1 Scene 4, Christopher Marlowe

We have been discussing the explanatory force of time travel/entanglement in understanding certain spiritual activities and I wanted to write up a few notes before it gets lost in the comments sections*:

- Temporal entanglement relies on retro-causality** whereby the future causes the past as much as the past causes the future, the fundamental nature of time is not linear but entangled block time.

- In communicating with a spirit of the dead***, for instance Osiris or Oberon, we are not communicating with the ghost in some spiritual/astral dimension we are communicating with the actual individual in the past.

- In communicating with animal spirits we are communicating with our deep past

- Our attention or offerings are sent back from the future and vivify the aspirations of the original person and conversely we are connected to that spirit through their dreams and imagination, we are entangled with the spirits through time.

- We earth the dreams of an individual in the past, they earth your remembrance of them in the future, Osiris would be entangled with the future of Egypt and Egyptian civilization throughout the world, he dreamed himself into the future and we remembered it into the future we live in by offering to him in the past.

- Correctly understood all magic is prophecy.

- Higher dimensional entities such as angels are from our future - here the principles are reversed, they remember and honour us, we imagine them, they are entangled with our spirits through time.

- Banishing breaks entanglement

- With  retrocausality egregores form the individuals who make them up in the same way the individuals form the egregore, the chicken and the egg appear simultaneously and cause each other.

There are lots of other factors which can be explained through temporal entanglement but I feel to go any further with the explanation we must look at free will - destiny argument which a lot of magicians are uncomfortable with.  I think one of the things I like about this theory is at first glance it seems to remove the necessity of ''a spirit dimension'' where spirits ''live'' in order to explain a lot of magickal phenomena****.   I also like how this seems to compliment the theory of the Time Phone in the 231 Gates project - a piece of ''magickal technology'' which allows you to ring the past or the future, entangling yourself with it through a ''timehole''.

*I have omitted a few things discussed from this post - especially material regarding Zurvanism, closed time streams, biblical time lines and prophecy.
**One demonstration of retrocausality is the anti-matter we see spontaneously appearing and annihiliating itself with matter in the void. This is not negatively charged matter but matter going backwards through time.

***A great deal of the spirits were once people.  Name a spirit that cannot be an individual from the past (deep or otherwise) or future.
***In the Last Days of Socrates, during the death scene in Phaedo Socrates discusses where the soul goes to and where does it come from - as nothing can come from nothing.  Where does the soul go?  The reversiverse!

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