Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Tree of Life - The Hypersphere and the Voids

I have been musing on how I just effectively bashed spheres as a manifestation of the evil forces of the Klippot and therefore consigned my own structures in the Metabolism of Time to the recycling.  I thought about posting a 14 yr old re-interpration of the middle pillar ritual to fit the biological cell but - spheres!  spheres!  spheres!  Is our cellular nature really spherical?  Not really its more blobby and the nucleus is off centre.  Then ''I thought'' about the 3rd Act of the Metabolism of Time or ''The Conflux'' and the principles it teaches about flux, shards, rifts, veil and colour.  This image surfaced and I was saved from my theoretical despair.


What the above image does is apply the principles of the Hypersphere to the Metabolism of Time.  (The appearance of) Spheres may be limiting in the sense that they detach us from our higher dimensional selves, (5D) hyperspheres return us to them.  The 3-spheres and 4-spheres, or glomes, may well explain the blobbiness of our cellular nature, that blobbiness is the imperfect 3 dimensional rendering of a higher dimensional sphere on a lower plane.  So if we approach the spheres in the metabolism of time with this in mind, I think we can be safe.


Secondly after comments from Andrew on the Brickwork of Sapphire about why the bricks don't have names (which I think refers to the gaps in the Tree of Life as opposed to the paths and vertices) I was reminded of the communication from Raziel in the Tower.  That the nothingness of the void breeds matter - the matter which precipitates out being the ''mortar'' if you will, and that the nothingness itself is the bricks.


  1. I just came across your blog looking for responses to Nick Farrell's depressing post saying that public occultism is dead. And I wanted to thank you for the link to Quareia, it looks like something I'd like to pursue.

    A little background info about me: Last summer I bought a secondhand copy of the "Holy Blood, Holy Grail" book for some light summer entertainment. I found in it the Shugborough inscription, I worked out what it meant, and then I started asking myself: "Why is there such a conspiracy of silence about the answer?" I've been researching occult matters since, and I've ended up finding secret messages in Harry Potter. At this point, I thought it was a good moment to approach some knowledgeable people, and out of three attempts, one isn't answering, another answered in the most vague terms, and the final attempt openly said that they had nothing to do with secret messages. (This was the admin of a small order, so it's quite possible, I suppose, that the admin genuinely don't know anything about secret messages).

    I gather that I haven't progressed far enough yet for most knowledgeable people to want to talk to me. I'll see how I get on with Quareia and where that takes me.

    Any advice you can give to a newbie will be gratefully accepted.

  2. Quareia is a free course that recognises some of the flaws in the Western Mystery Tradition and is well updated for the modern world.

    Magicians don't reply to messages for a number of reasons they could be busy, don't have the answer, think you are insane or just not interested in your plight.

    I would recommend you stay away from those kind of books ''Holy Blood, Holy Grail'' or at least take them with a grain of salt. I purchased ''Secret History of the World'' the other day just to see what the muggles were reading and it is amazingly riddled with errors and horseshit.

    Are there secret messages in Harry Potter? Yes.

    I wouldn't feel comfortable recommending anyone other than Josephine McCarthy. By putting her material out for free she has shown that she is above all interested in the survival of the tradition.

    After you find your feet there are lots of areas to specialize in - chaos, qabalah, alchemy, tarot, geomancy, astrology etc. All of them can own a lifetime of study. Enjoy.