Monday, March 21, 2016

Problems with Pathwalking

Throughout this article on Simple Pathworking Augoeides refers to learning about the nature of the path but regrettably the Kircher path attributions are only one of 22!* variants of the Tree of Life and one that does not follow the clear rule of 3, 7 and 12 - 3 horizontal paths for 3 mothers, 7 vertical paths for 7 doubles and 12 diagonal paths for 12 simples. The onus should now be on members of the WMT who willfully ignore access to new/old sources in their following of the Kircher Tree variant to make sure that it is clear that they are referring to the Kircher Tree of Life not the Tree of Life as if Kircher is the sole Tree.  Isaac Luria has a Tree of Life, as does Cordovero and the Gra. I understand there is considerable inertia in the WMT, and many of these Kircher adherents do not even bother to check actual Kabbalistic sources but rely solely on Aleister Crowley et al even though this is frankly ludicrous.**

If you are new to the WMT and you are serious about studying Kabbalah you need to study some Jewish sources.  It feels odd stating the obvious like this but you will be surprised how many haven't and for how long they haven't.  I recommend starting with Sefer Yetzirah in Theory and Practice by Aryeh Kaplan as this will give you a very good sense of the plurality of opinion in the Kabbalistic community, some logical tools/key information to manage it as well as exploring what is the foundation text of the whole belief.  I am aware that many of the Golden Dawners, Thelemites and other various Kircherites have had this version of the Tree embedded in the very foundation of their system of thinking and I am sorry to say that this was probably an honest mistake in the inception of these orders. There is no evidence that these groups shopped around with different variants before settling on the Kircher, they just ran with it.  If you are a member of one of these orders and you have spent the last however long studying only the Kircher Tree and memorizing it as ''the'' Tree of Life, I appreciate that studying the Kabbalists who actually created the Kabbalah may cause some cognitive dissonance... but if you don't you are being intellectually dishonest with yourself as well as maintaining profound cultural ignorance.

3, 7 and 12

Regarding astral path-walking it is painfully easy to see what you want to see and you are your own worst enemy in this respect.  In my experience genuine astral explorations*** are not guided in the way explained in sources like Donald Michael Kraig or Dion Fortune.  If working on the astral I recommend using the letter itself as a gate - ignore the Tarot or other ''777'' associations - let the letter speak for itself.  Once you are seeing the pixelated tessellating darkness of pre-astral vision cut the shape of the letter in the darkness, go through it and try to take in what you see without preconceptions. Your interpretations will generally harm the quality of the vision.

Another way of exploring a path is to summon/conjure a letter on to an actual path and then physically walk that path paying especial attention to the phenomena that you encounter upon the path as a conversation with the intelligence of the letter.

**Even Aleister appreciated that there were things that were wrong with the G.D. Kircher Tree of Life Tarot gestalt - note Tzaddi is not the Star (a misinterpretation I explain here) or Charles Stansfield Jones' experiment with flipping it upside down.
***i.e. on the astral plane as opposed to taking a tour of your own lesser psyche.

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