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The Path of Saturn - Da'at, Knowledge

Ten Sefirot out of Nothing. Ten and not nine, ten and not eleven. Understand in Wisdom and be wise in Understanding. 
Ch 2.1, Sefer Yetzirah, Saadia Version

In many esoteric circles in the WMT, particularly those related to the Kircher Tree, Golden Dawn and Thelema - Da'at is often maligned and misunderstood.  Immersed in the terrifying imagery of abysses and demons of chaos ripping the soul into pieces, the strange philosophy that has clustered around Da'at is even used to bizarrely support anti-intellectualism in our community. In Jewish circles, however, Da'at is not seen so fearfully - it is as much a word for consciousness, the knower, as it is for mere data or mystical gnosis.  Da'at is spelt Dalet, Ayin (eye), Tav - Dalet Tav is the word for Law, Da'at then becomes the eye in the law. If we take law to mean natural order then this is Nature's Eye, your true eye beyond the eyes of a man or an animal.  Through this hidden sefira we become conscious of Nature in ourselves.

I know this from Philosophy that I do without being commanded what others do only from fear of the Law.

What does this idea of crossing an Abyss between idea and reality actually mean from the perspective of Cellular Consciousness and the Metabolism of Time?  One of the main mistakes made by practitioners is they think that there is some kind of spiritual dimension distinct from the material and create a false dichotomy between one plane and another - that they have to go somewhere, somehow to experience an astral plane* or Platonic world of ideas. Understand with WisdomYou are in the void right now, whirling through infinite space, surrounded by ideas and idealization, where direction is meaningless - you don't need a beyond.  The plenitude of galaxies in the celestial sky are reflections and memories of this one, populated by dreams and nightmares, distorted by the lense of time. There is only one thing*.  Crossing the Abyss means looking at the world you inhabit in a truthful way and understanding that you are already experiencing the 5d hypersphere of reality and not the 3d delusional state.  Da'at is the unification nexus of the five dimensions represented by the ten Sefirot - the point at infinity, the eye in the law.  Disquiet, alienation, melancholy, fanatical skepticism, cosmic agoraphobia, blind faith, loneliness, despair, these are the phenomena of the Path of Saturn. This path leads to the centre of the galaxy, the only galaxy.  Da'at, the point at Infinity, unifies the loneliness of the isolated, fragmented self with the Nothingness of the cosmic womb.

Ten Sefirot out of nothing. One: Breath-wind of the Living Elohim, Life of the Universe, whose throne strengthens all eternity, Blessed and Beneficent Be His Name, constant and eternal: this is the Holy Spirit.  Breath from Breath engraved and hewed: He cut the four dimensions of Heaven: the east, the west, the north and the south, and there is a wind for each direction.
Ch 4. 1-2, Sefer Yetzirah, Saadia Version
If Kether is cosmic inhalation, Da'at is the exhalation** of the five dimensions - this second breath, this breath from breath.  In losing sight of our [objective] loftier dimensions - morality and time - Da'at falls and becomes Malkuth - this pendulant and delusional observational state of all those who believe that they are three dimensional entities whose thoughts exist inside their heads and who directly experience the physical world.  Think for a moment - we only ever experience the mental world of impressions, our thoughts cloud around our ''head'' and extend into the phenomena themselves they are not locked away inside our skulls unless we lock them there.  Time is not constant, it ebbs, flows, sometimes stands still - we never experience or ''live in'' the present and those who believe they do are lying, we very much live in the shadows of the past and only from there can we truly comprehend time.

In Knowledge at the Logos I attempted to express through imagery some of the deeper mysteries of Da'at.  We begin with the eye that none knoweth and then rise through the levels of love as described in the Symposim: Aristophanic observations of division and union in the projected self - dolls and cartoons demonstrating the falseness of personality-bound body love which become mirrors reflecting each other to finally reveal an unbroken empty vessel regarding its reflection to show the [rectified] true love of Sofia. This personal emptiness is necessary for Qabalah, for only by making space within can we receive the angels of Jacob's Ladder.  The four worlds, extended via Knowledge in each one, bridging points, become fractalized before unification.  We see the colours of our Tree in the changing colours of the seasons - unification occurs through time and leads to death, the inevitable resurrection and knowledge of the eternal exhaustion and sleeplessness of all existence - Arikh Anpin, the Long Suffering One.

O night in which the stars feign light, O night that alone is the size of the Universe, make me, body and soul, part of your body, so that—being mere darkness—I’ll lose myself and become night as well, without any dreams as stars within me, nor a hoped-for sun shining with the future.

Fernando Pessoa, The Book of Disquiet

*The Astral plane is in this ''plane'' - most people's ''astral experiences'' are in the equivalent of the Earth's atmosphere.  Very few people get to the Moon or beyond... I am not saying that the only plane is material, I think materialism is fundamentally wrong except with its monism.
**Another manifestation of the Wonderland effect, produced by serious occult studies, a loss of scale, dimensionality and a reversal of everything you know - play with this idea of there being only one galaxy for a while and the universe will obviously get a lot smaller, perhaps scarily your agoraphobia may transform to claustrophobia.  One galaxy apparently colliding with another galaxy is an example of severe temporal entanglement.
***Intonation and speech - note in the human body Da'at's position in the throat and also reflect on the letters of the paths.  Research on the thyroid and parathyroid as well as the larynx will reap esoteric benefits.

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