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Bacteria in the Library - The Macrobes

What if we are not even cats in the library, what if we are more like bacteria?

Rule Britannia, Otherwise

We are Archons.

Before we get into the depths of this post lets just take a moment to remember the unbelievable suffering that we inflict not only upon each other but also upon animals, plants and the ecosystem in general.  Bacteria subject to antibiotics, cleansing wipes, zit cream, etc  may well be cursing their alien gods, in a language based in ions and proteins, as their membranes pop and fry.  Alexandra brings up a good point, the scale matters, we think less of bacteria than we do of cats and similarly the scale of the archon, the macrobe, above you will determine its level of realization of the pain it is directly/indirectly inflicting.

John Klein: I think we can assume that these entities are more advanced than us. Why don't they just come right out and tell us what's on their minds?

Alexander Leek: You're more advanced than a cockroach, have you ever tried explaining yourself to one of them?

The Mothman Prophecies, John Keel

I see a lot of conversation on the blogs but not so much action or at least not enough accounts of action. As I have stated before summon the alien and ask it some questions or instead attempt to scale the astral prison walls.  My mind has been thoroughly blown by Raziel and the ''discussions'' with him on the subject of time travel.  I have recorded these encounters and attempted to decompress the information I have received.  Attempts at astral prison break have not gone well but I have recorded them and detailed some of what I think are the rules behind this. I have lived at Edward Kelley's Tower in Prague and attempted to navigate that insanely complex spiritual environment to achieve various effects, also failed, somewhat spectacularly, but broke new ground with the 231 Gates*.  I am still standing.

Come on, have a go at it - the worst that can happen is that you will blaspheme, go mad or die, but remember death is but a moment and cowardice is a lifetime of affliction**.  I have been writing here for four years and during that whole time I have seen a lot of mostly recycled discussion, motivational rhetoric from sorcerers, and political posturing but I can count the entries detailing accounts of practical deeper work on one hand.  You can't get better and grow as a being if you are just talking about it.  All your sorcerous success is as nothing if effectively you have been playing with beans in the prison yard, right?***  If you cannot astrally project yet then you are really at a very low level of magic, sorry this is just true - attracting things by magic is relatively easy compared to the hard work/disicpline required by astral projection, developing psychic powers, studying the Qabalah, healing, stoicism, time travel and regaining the nucleus.  If you don't want to at least attempt to understand the universe, and are just happy getting rich and laid then you are still in the kids pool.  I want to be clear that I am not against research and/or discussion of theory these are a huge part of scientific success but you also have to experiment.

I am a huge fan of the fractal or mathematical universe, at a certain level of descent I think ''atoms'' open into new universes and I think fractality is compatible with simulation theory, I don't think the simulation needs to be grounded in some hard drive in a final physical reality, I think the simulation can constitute all there is and outside of it is effectively infinite deadspace - this being where the successful Gnostic ends up****.  We act as archons and we are acted upon by archons, the nature of it determined by the scale of our current level of being.

Returning to my bacterial friends, allies and enemies for a moment, the lessons of the Metabolism of Time involve rediscovering our cellular nature, and becoming more microbial not less, our consciousness is ultimately membrane-bound. As discussed in the Depth of the West, initiations begin with descending our personal tree of life, through various organisms, and own connection to the first cell. We then rebuild ourselves as chronosomes (Yesod), then we regain our nucleus (Tifereth), then our cytoplasm (Daath) and finally our outer membrane (Kether), with its receptors (Chokmah) and transporters (Binah), semi-permeable to the bloodstream of time (En Sof).

The Economist this week talks about the dangers of antibiotic resistant bacteria, and developing this idea we must understand that we could be a similar threat to our archons.  In the episode from Rick and Morty featuring the Moonmen song a higher dimensional entity comes to our plane to annihilate all carbon based lifeforms because we are like a plague from their perspective.  Are we?  Are we really the victims here?  Or are we here because we are criminals, exiles?  The vast majority of us are god damn awful to each other a lot of the time, can we really blame all this selfishness, hatred, exploitation on our archonic masters?  Don't hate the players hate the game?  How do we find out for sure?

*Bear in mind Paul Foster Case thought that Enochian was simply an incomplete earlier form of  Qabalah... Perhaps think back to the legends regarding Raziel teaching the original Qabalah.
**Retreat is always an option and fear can be your friend at times.
***Some sorcery is necessary to acquire enough beans to get equipment for escape attempts or to communicate with beings beyond the walls - otherwise it is a means unto itself not a gateway into the why.
****Although there is a huge paradox in this.  The paradox may well be the root cause.

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