Friday, August 12, 2016

Raziel - Speculation on Silicon Trees, Enlil vs Enki and the Past

Apparently There are No Forests on Flat Earth.  Are flat-earthers, hollow-earthers and nut-shell earthers all completely insane?  Maybe but nevertheless this was amazing food for the imagination.  Faerie forests of the ancient earth with giant silicon trees and mushrooms that reached up way above the clouds and sheltered country sized ecosystems in their branches?  It makes me speculate on what Raziel's revelations about the future mean for the past.

In earlier communications Raziel has insisted that time travel is also invented in the past as well as in the future.   There are two simultaneous inventions that serve to create the pinchpoints that close off the present time stream in order that the events leading to the invention of time travel are not tampered with in any way.  Remember that apparently universes that do not invent time travel do not cohere at all.

In order to get your head around the invention of time travel in the past you need to understand the concept of reverse causality or retrocausality, that the future creates the past.  As a magician one way to approach this would be to consider that an egregore, apparently built from our thought-work, in fact causes us to exist not the other way around.  In this way though the ''Gods'', as time travellers, live in ''the future'' they can effectively ''create'' us.  Raziel stated that the events in the past cause the future as much as the future causes the past therefore two points of invention are necessary.  In light of the above video and what Raziel was saying about the post-invention world, where time is treated like space and looks a lot like the astral, might not our ''past'' also be ''astral'' too.  If beyond the pinchpoint with the past, we open into another kind of astral plane then I see no reason why it could not be occupied by outlandish cloud busting silicon trees and pulsating mountain sized cosmic mushrooms.  I mean, why not.

My own connection with our more immediate past in Sumeria is becoming ever more clear to me.  The Tigris-Euphrates region, and my vision of the Metabolism of Time are closely connected - from the mountain range in the north to the delta in the south and the Tower of Babel just below the kink of the rivers.  It is clear that various geographical, archaelogical clues have been encoded in the vision alongside the physiognomical material - for instance the possible site of a crashed disc and also a city that sunk beneath the marshes.  I assume that the 1890s graphic filter is derived from my previous incarnation.  I have pointed out in an earlier post that the shape of the Tree of Life closely resembles the structure of the region of Sumeria especially when you supplement the main river system with the network of paths and roads that would have existed between the cities.  

My summer reading has included both We've Never Been Alone by Paul von Ward, an account of the advanced beings (ABs) that have shaped our world, focusing mainly on the Annunaki alongside an excellent concise scholarly work called Mesopotamia by Gwendolyn Leick which looks at the history of the region using the cities - Uruk, Nippur, Eridu, Lagash, Shurrupak etc as its focus.  Although I think the ufo community makes a great number of leaps of faith on the actual history of the Annunaki, there are so many gaps in the archaeological record (alongside bizarre things like being buried with models of little lizard men) that I don't see why there should not have been some alien or time travel involvement somewhere in the mix.  Although the pinchpoint with the past could be millions of years ago it could also be relatively recently trapping us in an almost biblically sized closed time stream.

There seems to be this bias against Enlil in the Enlil vs Enki discussion - the premise being that Enki wants humans to have advanced technology and acts as a kind of Lucifer or Prometheus figure and that Enlil wants to deny them the goodies.  The thing is when we hear accounts of saucers switching off nuclear missiles I kind of think they prob. should be switched off, that maybe human beings are not ready for the tech or in fact would pervert it to violent ends.  I am as eager for the truth as any esoteric aspirant but I can see both sides of this argument.

I am rambling now and this post is speculation anyway as I have not asked Raziel the relevant questions about the structure of the past yet - although it seems to stand to reason to me.  I really recommend the video There Are No Forests on Flat Earth it is as bizarre as it sounds and if you can't stomach this kind of fantasy you are probably in the wrong subject area.

**Bear in mind the relationship between the Brickwork and the Sefirot.

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