Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Metabolism of Time - Social Interaction and Immmunity

These important findings about the relationship between immunity and the way in which we interact socially are entirely consistent with Cellular Consciousness and the Metabolism of Time.

When overlaid with the endocrine system the middle section of the Metabolism of Time diagram shows a link between the thymus gland, reponsible for setting our immunity as we grow up, with the way in which our inner mind or ''ego'' deals with the experience of the moment, often other people.


We zoomed in on these physiognomical characters in early 2013 - The Confused Venutian and the Shellfish - two of the characters that were revealed in the original vision in 1994.  The Analysis of the Moment is revealed by the Confused Venutian and his scanner and ray gun - representations of how the immune system works by checking whether the target is either a foreign body or a self cell.  If the scanner reveals it to be a foreign body then it will be destroyed by the ray gun - the host of destructor immune cells, if it is a self cell then it will ''enter the mind'' and be responded to in the reaction to the moment shown by the Shellfish i.e. greeted cheerfully.

You are looking at several years to master the Metabolism of Time but the information on this site represents ''the missing link'' in understanding the alchemical motto of As Above So Below - that the human mind functions in exactly the same way as the biological cell.  The work on the Metabolism is listed chronologically so if you go back to the very beginning of the site and print out the material with Metabolism in the title you will have ''the book''.

notes to self

- analytical? always looking to place blame? Confused Venutian
- bitchiness, objectification of other people and the self + the above - path between Confused Venutian and the Bloodless Being
- jumpiness, revenge seeking + Confused Venutian i.e. ''antibodies'' - path beetween Confused Venutian and the Jay
- sluggish immune system, trusting, gullibility, being a sucker, people constatntly, taking advantage but very friendly and liked - Shellfish
+ skin autoimmune disease - path between Shellfish and Mime
- avoid ''mummification'' of kids, if over protected ''an Egypitan mummy of bandages and sarcophagi, immune system will not develop properly, let kids play in the mud, etc
+ Theory of Knowledge/Genetic Disease two mummsie types likely to produce severely immune impaired kids, this is the manifestation of ''twin-ego'' relationships of either two Shellfish, or two Shellfish-Mimes

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