Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Tree of Life - Soil, Husks, Shells, Microorganisms

The Tree of Life when rectified according to the rule of 3, 7 and 12 is incredibly effective in increasing the specificity of your magical activities.  Classification systems should not be entirely discarded they should be criticized for inconsistencies.

Where is the soil on the Tree of Life?  There is the red, iron rich soil that the life breath was given to in order to create Adam and there is also the Qliphoth, the World of Shells or Husks. The notion that the Tree of Life is rooted in the World of Death and Decomposition is not a hard leap of understanding to make, but we must acknowledge that this soil is animated by all manner of creatures from worms to bacteria (the decomposers) that also contain the Tree of Life (in the form of DNA) and that all the husks that make up the soil were created by previous organisms animated by the Tree of Life (in the form of DNA) - their fecal matter, their bodies etc.

Instead of talking about the husks more generally, when we talk about a Tree of Qliphoth, the distorted reflection of the Tree of Life, we must be very clear in its use as it can be misleading.  It is sensible to classify diseases with the centres that they afflict (various types of Qliphotic microbes might specifically affect the liver, or the genitals or the brains) as this way we can more effectively target our medicine but we must not forget that although various afflictions may be horrific from our perspective, such as the lifecycle of malarial parasites or toxoplasma gondii, from its own perspective the organism is simply going about its ordinary business.

Dirt is good, you should roll around in it from time to time or you''ll get autoimmune diseases. Demon slaying angels with nothing to fight can start corrupting the healthy body.  Exercise some caution though you don't want this.

Nature will happily kill you.

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