Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Mertilda and the Universal Substrate II

In Kabbalah, Malkuth is referred to as the Fallen Daughter, Nuqba, (Matilda, the Little Mermaid, etc) the Depth of the Past, and is pendant to the Tree of Life.  She fell when the vessels shattered and only through deeds and intentions can be married to her husband Zeir Anpin - the six central Sefirot which represent the spatial directions - and finally united with Binah as the Superior Mother and the Supernal Triad of Future, Good and Evil more generally.


The way I understand this is that our 3d experience of reality can be rectified by practically examining* the 5d space/time/observer complex to transform our delusional ''physical'' experience into a true mental experience. Through rectification and unification of the Sefirot (the 10 axial ends of the 5 dimensions) the isolated experience of being an object in the physical world transforms into the unified experience of being in the nucleus of your own consciousness.  This cell of consciousness then becomes ''membrane-bound'' (Binah) which allows direct and specific experience of the Bloodstream of Time (Kether) through the 231 gates.

Rectification means contemplation and practical exploration of the Sefirot in the ''physical'' world through dialogue with personifications (living archetypes represented by the people/events around you) and in the ''astral'' plane** through the drama of other-dimensional entities (4D, 5D, i.e. rectified and unified beings or beings from other points in time - Gods, spirits, etc). Unification can only occur when the individual Sefirot are brought into relationship with each other through the medium of paths/letters which can also occur through dialogue.

Dialogue is the combination and permutation of letters (astrological forces) into words and their exchange and interchange. For the purposes of these external unifications, individuals, ''spiritual'' or otherwise, can be brought into your sphere through conjuration - the method can also be used in meditation/contemplation (hitbodedut).  Encountering all phenomena as a direct dealing of God (existence, reality) with one's soul is important in this as it teaches you to be mindful of all things that happen from the seemingly trivial to the obviously important.  The idea of pathwalking as an exercise for the physical world, as opposed to guided meditation is complementary to this.  You pay attention to how (the events of) the path talks to you.


It is extremely easy to work yourself towards a rational understanding of the cell of consciousness that you live in.  You know how your eyes and ears work and that all sensory signals are displayed in your mind as a display of reality which you observe from another point in your mind.  To live this way is extremely unfamiliar and disorienting.  The Hermetic Lessons provide all manner of models and experiments in order to train your mind to experience reality in this way.  We ''run and return'', experience 5d for as long as possible and then return to 3d.

In the last post - Mertilda - I discussed imagining that the world around you and that the space which separates you from other objects/people is fluid.  When you move your hands around imagine the resistance of fluid, when you speak imagine how sound propagates underwater.  The nature of the 5d world feels more like viscous fluid than gas.  Experiments with mental light are equally compelling. Look into a lightbulb for amoment, and then watch the blob that forms in the mind from the retinal burn - this blob is not there in 3d is it?  Contemplate that all the images you experience are composed of this mental light and watching the nature of that blob, contemplate the fluidic qualities of that light. Do likewise with sound, with smell, with touch.

Contact with the Bloodstream of Time is the ultimate goal of all Kabbalistic work.  This is alluded to in the idea that the 5th world, the tip of the Yod, is known as the ''World to Come''.  The highest act of practical Kabbalah is prophecy - Kether is ''The Depth of the Future''.

*Carve, engrave, weigh, permute, probe, etc - a la Sefer Yetzirah.
**The deep future, deep past or reversiverse.

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